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Oct 7, 2010 11:26 PM

Eureka, California — help!

Hey there,

I'm going to be in the Eureka area for the Humboldt Marathon next weekend and have no idea where to go for food Saturday evening. The only posts I've found on Chowhound are from 2005 or so. Is Kate's worthwile? Is there anywhere else? Help!


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  1. Ate at a Chinese place called Gonsea a couple of years back, pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food and ambiance. Recall the Chinese chicken salad being good.

    2335 4th St, Eureka CA
    (707) 444-8899

    Gonsea Restaurant
    2335 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

    1. Sorry no personal knowledge, but on another forum they tout two restaurants highly.
      Brick and Fire:
      Restaurant 301:
      (located in a hotel


      Restaurant 301
      301 L St, Eureka, CA 95501

      1. Kate's is good. Kyoto is good for Japanese. Your best bet is Folie Douce in Arcata, or Moonstone Grill in Westhaven, just south of Trinidad.

        Moonstone Grill
        100 Moonstone Beach Rd, Trinidad, CA 95570

        1. Last summer we had lunch at the Lost Coast Brewery. The establishment is not fancy, but the halibut fish and chips were the best fish and chips we ever had.

          Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
          617 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

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          1. re: peterx

            Brick and Fire and Rest. 301 are good if you want fancy food and little of it. Kate's is OK. Lost Coast has very good pub food. Big portions, all home made. Lui's is better than Gonsea if you want Chinese.

            Gonsea Restaurant
            2335 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

          2. There haven't been many changes in Eurkea restaurants since 2005. Arcata has some choices also.
            Gonsea is good, but generally the same as many other Americanized Chinese from the late 80's. I like it very much.
            Recommends from local Eureka residents today, maybe you'd enjoy some Italian food to "carb up" before the marathon?
            Mazzotti's is fairly standard Italian. 305 F St, Eureka, 707- 445-1912
            Also good Italian is at Adel's, 1724 Broadway • Eureka, 707-445-9777
            Also mentioned was Sea Grill , 316 E St, Eureka, 707-443-7187
            and Avalon , 239 G St, Eureka, 707-445-0500

            For a great breakfast, head up to Crosswinds in Arcata, 860 10th St., 707-826-2133
            There is also in Arcata, an afternoon soup and salad bar, all organic, inside Moonrise Herbs store, 826 G St., Arcata, 707- 822-5296 (Not on Sunday) that starts about 11 am and goes until about 5 pm.

            Or enjoy Chalet House of Omelettes in Eureka, 1935 5th St, 707-442-0333

            Have a nice marathon.

            Chalet House of Omelettes
            1935 5th St, Eureka, CA 95501

            Sea Grill
            316 E St, Eureka, CA 95501

            Gonsea Restaurant
            2335 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

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            1. re: kc girl

              Thanks for all the responses. Eventually settled on Lost Coast Brewery. I am a little confused, because the halibut fish and chips were barely edible. They were served cold and were absolutely disgusting. I'm afraid to say I had a very different experience!

              Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
              617 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

              1. re: SouthToTheLeft

                I recommended the halibut fish and chips. We frequently reminisce about how great the fish and chips were on our visit. Our chips were certainly not cold, so maybe your dish was the anamoly. On the other hand, our one time visit could have been the anamoly. So sorry!

                1. re: peterx

                  My colleague and I just tried the halibut fish and chips tonight at Lost Coast- and we both loved it! Not oily at all, flavorful, and good pieces of fish. I had no feelings of guilt!