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Oct 7, 2010 10:30 PM

bone marrow

Hi i tried to search this but could not find any results....
I am looking for a place to buy veal bones to make some roasted bone marrow. I am from montreal and will be in toronto over the weekend. My butcher here already sold his supply for the week and I wanted to know where i could get them in toronto. I was thinking st lawrence market but I will be there saturday and im sure it will be busy so i would like to know a specific butcher i could hit up. I know that market can be very pricey too and i get the bones in montreal for next to nothing so i would prefer a place that doesn't try to rip me off. ;) if anyone has any suggestions Id really appreciate it. Thanks! .... I dont have to go to st lawrence market either but i will be there anyway. Otherwise i will be in scarberia.

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  1. Enter St L Mkt through the centre door, and to your left will be a butcher (sorry, can't recall the name, but the first one on the left) has bones for roasting, if you're thinking the Fergus Henderson roasted bone marrow appetiser sort of bone, where you roast a chunk of bone and scoop out the marrow and put it on toasted baguette, bit of parsley salad. About $1.50/lb, I think. I hope that that helps.

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      that is exactly how im going to serve them. Thanks I will try that place out.