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Oct 7, 2010 07:20 PM

Recommendations for Italian restaurant in Woodbridge/Richmond Hill area for Group?

Hi all,

I'm looking for some recommendations for restaurants in Woodbridge for a group of 8 people.
It's short notice but it appears the place we were going to go to has closed down.

Any recommendations for great Italian food in Woodbridge/ Richmond Hill / Thornhill area?

I really appreciate it!


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  1. You might want to check out Autostrada. It's the new place by the owner of Sapori (at Yonge/Lawrence), which was always a reliable Italian spot for me. From what I understand, it's huge, so should easily accommodate a group. I haven't eaten there, so can't vouch for the food, but I'm guessing it's a safe bet.

    Here's the Open Table listing:

    1. I would second Autostrada. I haven't gotten around to posting my review yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there. And since La Cascina is no longer around, I would have to say that Autostrada is the best Italian restaurant in Vaughan (IMHO).

      The service when we went though was attrocious, so keep that in mind. The servers mean well and they are well versed on the menu but they are sllllllllllllow. The 2 owners (from what I gather) came by our tables more often than our server, and we had to ask the owner for some bread at one point since our charcuterie platter had arrived and we had nothing to eat the salumi with.

      We started with a charcuterie platter for the table and I loved it; it was inventive, different than others that I have had and delicious. There was several large chunks of porkbelly with crispy rind, a chicken liver pate, and various other Italian salumi with some accoutrements that I do not recall.

      I had a special of the day; rotini with an oxtail ragu. The oxtail was succulent and rich with a nice deep flavour. My friend had a vegetarian pasta that was deemed delicious and another friend had a pizza which she said was delicious and very close to what she's found in Italy. I took that with a grain of salt because it looked a little on the thick side to me; definitely not as thin as Mangia & Bevi or Libretto.

      We did not have dessert but we all had tea or coffee and they all came with a mini amaretto cookie.

      Mangia & Bevi
      260 King E, Toronto, ON M5A1K3, CA

      1. Go look at Baldoria Ristorante in Richmond Hill. They have a beautiful private room for larger groups. Food is very rustic...people are very friendly.

        Have not been to Autostrada yet...but have heard some good things...not service.

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          I would suggest Zafferano's on near Weston & Langstaff, or their other bit more upscale restaurant Sapore on Hwy 27 just north of Hwy 7.
          Both are just a few years old, with authentic italian. Zafferano's chef was actually brought over from Italy, and Sapore's has a wood-burning stove fore their pizza.
          Try their antipasto platter. While a touch pricey for an appetizer (about $13/person) It's served, sized, and priced based on the number of people at the table.

          8633 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L9R6, CA

          8000 27 Hwy, Woodbridge, ON L4H0A8, CA