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Oct 7, 2010 07:13 PM

L.A.B on college

Eat there! Its good. I read all positive reviews awhile ago and my interest sparked... I got a table and it was one of the best meals I've had recently. I started with the smoked tomato salad, an awesome unpretentious twist on a traditional caprese. Went on to have the Spiced Squash dish... tasty! I went all veg this night although I'm not a vegetarian.. if the veg dishes are this good, i cant wait to return and try a meat dish like the 'rabbit sous vide'. I stayed a little late and had some drinks and got to talking to the owner/chef Howard (good guy) who informed that they plan on staying open late for cocktails some nights. A cool place to hang if your with good company and they're done dinner service. More importantly, an interesting menu and great food. Really hope the consistency is there as I'm looking forward to going back for the same experience. Im glad this place came around, College needs more culinary talent.

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  1. This is my favourite new place in town. There have ben a couple of blips with individual dishes, but the hits (for me) far outnumber the misses.
    Loved the spiced squash - haven't tried the smoked tomato dish.

    Previously they seemed to launch a new menu every 3 months - but it seems as if they are replacing dishes more evenly now.

    On my regular rotation.

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      I've read about their chef, Howard Dubrovsky, before. I think that veggie food is his specialty.
      we're going there tonight for dinner w/a friend who is vegetarian. Menu looks excellent and I can't wait.

    2. Three of us went for dinner tonight. 1 veggie and 2 carnivores.

      First, I have to say that, as a meat lover, this menu is probably the most inviting vegetarian i've seen in Toronto. its veggie dishes are creative and we so tempting that my wife, who loves meat, ordered all vegetarian for dinner.

      I ordered the toutiere as an ap and veal shoulder as the main. both were excellent. creative flavour combinations (candied fig w/the tourtiere and espresso jelly w/the veal). my wife had the mushroom ragu as an ap and the bi bim bop as her main. both excellent and spiced exceptionally well. my friend had the beets cubed as an ap and the risotto as his main. compliments all around!
      in addition, the dishes were plated beautifully.
      the restaurant is a very nice space. service was great.
      dessert was very tasty. we had the homemade smores and the toffee pudding. both were great and not insanely/overbaringly sweet.

      for 3 of us incl wine, 1 cocktail and tip, it was around $230.