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Oct 7, 2010 04:40 PM

Snapper soup

Any fans out there? If so, where have you found the best?

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  1. I am a huge fan CP. Seems like years since I have had a great one.

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      Just had my first bowl ever tonight at the Francis Kaufman House in Sumneytown/Perkiomenville. Quite tasty, but then I've never had it before so I don't know how it measures up.

    2. Bookbinder's used to be the bomb, Kauffman House's version some time ago was great as well. Been to the City Tavern at 2nd & Chestnut, and big NO, hope you find one, have been making my own and is a pain. Canned Bookbinder's is still pretty good.

      1. I used to love it at the old Oyster House. The new Oyster House's version is good, but not traditional. It's so hard to find these days, why no just make it right?!

        Believe it or not I had a very good bowl at the South Street Diner about six months ago. I just heard a pretty harrowing report from a late night diner there, so I won't vouch for the place, but I really liked the Snapper Soup and they said it was homemade.

        I was at the Le Cochon Noir by the Mann a couple weeks ago, and they had a "famous" Snapper Soup on the menu. I wanted to try it, but they were out of it.

        I see this on menus so rarely that I'll order it anytime I see it.

        1. I've only had it at the Springfield Inn. I think it has been on the menu forever. Going there is like going back in time.

          1. I was trying to think of the name of the place on Rt. 3 in Broomall - The Country Squire. I remember their having excellent homemade snapper about 15 years ago. However, I never get down there anymore and wonder if they still do. But, the Kaufman House is a stone's throw and I'll try to get up there soon. Many thanks, all.