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Snapper soup

Any fans out there? If so, where have you found the best?

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  1. I am a huge fan CP. Seems like years since I have had a great one.

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      Just had my first bowl ever tonight at the Francis Kaufman House in Sumneytown/Perkiomenville. Quite tasty, but then I've never had it before so I don't know how it measures up.


    2. Bookbinder's used to be the bomb, Kauffman House's version some time ago was great as well. Been to the City Tavern at 2nd & Chestnut, and big NO, hope you find one, have been making my own and is a pain. Canned Bookbinder's is still pretty good.

      1. I used to love it at the old Oyster House. The new Oyster House's version is good, but not traditional. It's so hard to find these days, why no just make it right?!

        Believe it or not I had a very good bowl at the South Street Diner about six months ago. I just heard a pretty harrowing report from a late night diner there, so I won't vouch for the place, but I really liked the Snapper Soup and they said it was homemade.

        I was at the Le Cochon Noir by the Mann a couple weeks ago, and they had a "famous" Snapper Soup on the menu. I wanted to try it, but they were out of it.

        I see this on menus so rarely that I'll order it anytime I see it.

        1. I've only had it at the Springfield Inn. I think it has been on the menu forever. Going there is like going back in time.

          1. I was trying to think of the name of the place on Rt. 3 in Broomall - The Country Squire. I remember their having excellent homemade snapper about 15 years ago. However, I never get down there anymore and wonder if they still do. But, the Kaufman House is a stone's throw and I'll try to get up there soon. Many thanks, all.

            1. You might want to try the version at Le Cochon Noir. It is not your typical sherry-laced stuff, but a rich tomatoey version served piping hot and not stingy on the snapper meat. Nontraditional, but a great start before gorging on ribs.

              1. I had it at the William Penn Inn ages ago and loved it there, Knowing the WPI it's probably exactly the same as it was back then

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                  when I was a starving college student 30 years ago, I used to get an excellant and affordable snapper soup at the LLANERCH DINER. Checking their website I see it is still on the menu at $2.75. I have no idea if it is still any good(I am pretty sure it was homemade 30 years ago).

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                    I loved it there as a kid back in the 50s and 60s, but my last bowl of WPI snapper was for my 55th birthday lunch a few years back. It was goopy like cornstarch had been added. But, then, that chef has moved on and I'll give it another try.

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                      CP, Chef Jeff (Bell) is nothing if not a hard-ass for quality and consistency at the WPI...

                  2. I know it is a hike...but Stockyard Inn in Lancaster has had it forever...served with a side of sherry...from the menu:

                    Philadelphia-Style Snapper Soup
                    With the aroma of cloves and spices, our famous Snapper Soup will turn your
                    first course into a holiday. This wonderful soup features snapper turtle meat in a thick
                    and rich seasoned tomato base, and is finished with sherry wine. A menu mainstay
                    since 1952, the original, hand-written recipe is kept in our safe. 6.50
                    A Stockyard Steakhouse Signature

                    1. Funny, if you read the post about Le Cochon Noir, they said they have a great snapper soup.

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                        It's not a very traditional snapper at LCN. A fairly thick tomatoey broth with more or less Cajun-oriented spices. Quite delicious, but if someone is looking for wha t they had as a kid a Bookbinder's they'd be disappointed..

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                          That's the stuff, PJ. The original rich, dark brown base with chunks of snapper and hard boiled egg with a healthy splash of fino sherry and a grind of fresh black pepper. Classics don't need to be reinvented, just remembered.

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                            Chefpaulo, Sounds just like what I had at Francis Kaufman House.

                      2. Chick's Tavern in Bridgeport used to serve snapper soup, with a cruet of sherry. it was pretty good... anyone know if it still on the menu?

                        1. The barmaid at the New Tavern in Bala Cynwyd gave me a sample of theirs today. Made in-house with beef stock, and pretty good. At least the hard-boiled egg was chopped pretty fine (I hate in when the chunks are bigger than the snapper meat.) Served with a cruet of sherry. A classic preparation, if you are in the neighborhood.

                          1. Bookbinder's is not a bad representation, but awhile back, I had some great snapper soup at Pace One in Thornton, PA (Delaware County). Great flavor, thickness, and good snapper meat. Years ago, I attempted "frontier snapper soup chef" by butchering my own snapper and preparing my own, and I assure you, it is far better to find it in a good restaurant! Great when at its' best!

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                              I agree. The snapper soup is great at Pace One.