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Are you into iced coffee or iced tea, or both?

Lately, I'm drinking iced coffee.
I used to think it was so dumb to put the freeze on coffee, the idea didn't even appeal to me or make sense. Changed my tune though.

My version of iced coffee:
In a really big oversized cup, I put in a lot of crushed ice then coffee, then skinny milk, then a pack of sweetener, stir and enjoy.

My version of iced tea:
In iced tea, it's easy as it's usually suntea and has a packet or two of the sweeteners already added.
So for me, it's both, iced coffee and iced tea.

Mind explaining how you create yours?

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  1. I'm Southern, so iced tea means one thing and that's sweet tea. Best made with simple syrup. Tea must be VERY strong and VERY sweet so it stands up to the tall glass of ice in which it's served. I'm talking 6 jumbo-sized tea bags and at least a cup of sugar to a gallon. Nothing like it on a hot summer day.

    1. Iced tea is my go to beverage for refreshment. I like real brewed tea, no sugar, sometimes a lemon.

      1. Iced coffee! Double, double with lots of ice. Although I do not mind iced Capps a real iced coffee is just regular coffee. So refreshing in the summer ! What I hate is when you ask for iced coffee and they give you a coffee slurpee. Yuck.

        1. Iced coffee and Iced tea are extremely common where I live, to the point that when you order coffee in a restaurant or Starbucks they always ask if you want it hot or cold.

          My favourite way of having iced coffee is generally cold and creamy but not sweetened. For iced tea I generally prefer unsweetened, no milk, and I usually make jasmine or oolong rather than black tea. I also absolutely love the jasmine tea and fresh passion fruit juice tea that the tea shops here do. I usually skip the tapioca and herbal jelly add ins.

          The most popular versions, locally, are generally sweet and creamy for both coffee and tea (often referred to as milk coffee and milk tea). The tea is often flavoured, usually with fruit, although I have seen "coffee flavoured milk tea" at the 7-11.

          1. Vietnamese style. Make it strong and hot. Mix in as much condensed sweetened milk as you want. Pour over plenty of ice but keep the coffee strong. Sip sparingly from a good thermos.

            1. Iced coffee == condensed milk.

              1. I prefer iced coffee, but hate when people can't get that I do not want sweetener of any kind in it. So many places seem to think that putting syrup into iced coffee is required. I will sometimes drink iced tea, but generally I don't care much for it. I think I hate sweetened iced tea more than I hate sweetened iced coffee.

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                  When I get an iced coffee (my preferred cold drink other than at restaurants) at McDonalds, I have to say "NO SUGAR" very loudly, and even then I taste it before I pull away from the drive-thru window, because many times they will still add sugar or syrup.

                  When I'm at a restaurant my go-to cold drink is actually an Arnold Palmer (for those who don't know, it's half iced tea, half lemonade). But iced tea will do too. When I lived in Florida for a year the server would often just leave the pitcher on the table.

                2. Iced tea is my beverage of choice, and during those hot Houston summers, I go through a lot of it.

                  I brew mine in an old Krups coffee carafe from a coffeemaker I threw away years ago. I put in two family sized decaf tea bags, two green tea bags and then I change up every pot. I'll had some combination of Jasmine, Oolong, White, Black, raspberry flavored, etc. The decaf and the green make the base and I build up fro there.

                  That many bags makes it very strong so I save it in the fridge and dilute it when I drink it, (about one part tea to five parts water).

                  A tablespoon of turbinado sugar, and lately, a tablespoon of Zergut raspberry syrup rounds it out.

                  Very refreshing and far cheaper and healthier than soda, etc. I drink quart mason jars of the stuff.

                  1. Simple depends on the outside temperature.
                    Below 70 hot coffee black
                    Above 70 iced coffee black

                    1. coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.... lol

                      I make it cold-brewed though, it gives a different taste to the cold coffee. Probably has something to do with some of the oils not getting extracted by heat, but IMO it makes a much smoother iced coffee. Seriously, Starbucks has nothing on cold-brew.....

                      1. I really enjoy an iced latte, iced Vietnamese coffee or iced Thai tea a few times during the summer. Late afternoon on a really hot day it's just the thing.

                        I hate regular iced tea though, and especially "sweet tea" -- always have. I'm the only one in my family who feels this way. It was a staple in my house growing up.

                        1. Black, please, and no sugar in either one. No lemon for the tea.

                          1. Spending most summers as a kid, I grew up with frappe: instant Nescafe shaken with water and sugar and served either as is or with milk or ice cream. I'll still make it once in a while, particularly in summer, and with condensed milk as fadista said.

                            Since going off the pop, I've taken to brewing my own tea, usually loose, bought from tea shops. My faves are rooibos blends, fruit blends or chai. After steeping, I'll strain it into individual glass bottles and add 3 tsp of Splenda. Ready to go. Not real "iced" tea as no ice is involved, but I like it.

                            1. Both I like green iced tea.This is how I brew it.10 bags for 2 qt.pitcher.Cold water add tea bags bring to almost a boil.Take off heat let steep for 3min Pour into pitcher and let cool to room temp then refrigerate .Perfect every time.

                              1. Definitely both. Iced coffee when I'm out and about, iced tea when I'm at home. I make iced tea by the cup, with anything ranging from fruity herbals to traditional black. My favorite is probably from a mojito flavored green tea, especially with some lime added.

                                No sugar in either, but occasionally a small amount of cream in the iced coffee depending on what I want mouthfeel-wise. I actually tend to prefer cold drinks, so I get bummed out when the weather gets a bit too cool to enjoy them anymore.

                                1. Many of these perked my interest.
                                  Love the raspberry syrup idea a lot.
                                  Also need to fet out my Nescafe decaf
                                  crystals and try the shaking method with ice.

                                  1. felt like I wanted something tasty a little while ago and don't have any milk of any kind [from a cow that is].
                                    so off to the market but meanwhile, I do have almond reg and vanilla so that's what went in my iced coffee, into a really large cup with tons of crushed ice.

                                    1. A couple of years ago I learned about making cold brewed coffee. It it much less acidic than hot brewed coffee and is also much stronger. I was initially attracted to it because I hate percolated coffee. We have place up north without electricity and although I don't drink coffee daily, when I do I'm a coffee snob and don't like it perked. So I would cold brew coffee and bring it along in water bottles. A few months ago I decided to add Splenda and milk to it and discovered I liked it that way even more.