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Oct 7, 2010 03:28 PM

Are you into iced coffee or iced tea, or both?

Lately, I'm drinking iced coffee.
I used to think it was so dumb to put the freeze on coffee, the idea didn't even appeal to me or make sense. Changed my tune though.

My version of iced coffee:
In a really big oversized cup, I put in a lot of crushed ice then coffee, then skinny milk, then a pack of sweetener, stir and enjoy.

My version of iced tea:
In iced tea, it's easy as it's usually suntea and has a packet or two of the sweeteners already added.
So for me, it's both, iced coffee and iced tea.

Mind explaining how you create yours?

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  1. I'm Southern, so iced tea means one thing and that's sweet tea. Best made with simple syrup. Tea must be VERY strong and VERY sweet so it stands up to the tall glass of ice in which it's served. I'm talking 6 jumbo-sized tea bags and at least a cup of sugar to a gallon. Nothing like it on a hot summer day.

    1. Iced tea is my go to beverage for refreshment. I like real brewed tea, no sugar, sometimes a lemon.

      1. Iced coffee! Double, double with lots of ice. Although I do not mind iced Capps a real iced coffee is just regular coffee. So refreshing in the summer ! What I hate is when you ask for iced coffee and they give you a coffee slurpee. Yuck.

        1. Iced coffee and Iced tea are extremely common where I live, to the point that when you order coffee in a restaurant or Starbucks they always ask if you want it hot or cold.

          My favourite way of having iced coffee is generally cold and creamy but not sweetened. For iced tea I generally prefer unsweetened, no milk, and I usually make jasmine or oolong rather than black tea. I also absolutely love the jasmine tea and fresh passion fruit juice tea that the tea shops here do. I usually skip the tapioca and herbal jelly add ins.

          The most popular versions, locally, are generally sweet and creamy for both coffee and tea (often referred to as milk coffee and milk tea). The tea is often flavoured, usually with fruit, although I have seen "coffee flavoured milk tea" at the 7-11.

          1. Vietnamese style. Make it strong and hot. Mix in as much condensed sweetened milk as you want. Pour over plenty of ice but keep the coffee strong. Sip sparingly from a good thermos.