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Oct 7, 2010 01:15 PM

Kaya - Coconut Jam in Toronto

My friend was in Singapore last year and loved the kaya (coconut jam). She was telling me abou the toast places where you could get toast with kaya, soft boiled eggs and tea for $2 SGD. I would like to get some kaya for her. Does anyone know where to get it here in Toronto? Preferably, downtown-ish.

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  1. I've bought it at T&T (midland and middlefield locations) I would assume the one in downtown location would have it too. I have also purchased it in Chinatown along Spadina but forgot the name of the specific store.

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    1. re: Kle

      I'm intrigued and want to try some What section would I find the jam? I'm always overwhelmed by the selection and don't want to wander the aisles.

    2. You could try making it on your own. Takes about an hour and lots of stirring. Can buy all the ingredients at most asian grocers. You'll have the most trouble finding pandan/screwpine leaves.

      I am in the middle of writing the recipe up! Feel free to email me if you want it earlier than later.

      Though, buying it is faster/cheaper.

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      1. re: jlunar

        I have seen fresh pandan leaves at the Asian grocer near my house, so I can only assume that they are available at select locations in the GTA.

        1. re: sweetie

          I usually get the frozen ones, but it's always a bit of the luck of the draw. If you don't get fragrant ones, it really affects the outcome of your dessert.

          Do you have the name of this Asian grocer? I'd like to see if fresh ones are any better..!

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            Sure It is called T Phat, it's all the way out in Pickering though.

            1. re: sweetie

              Hmn. That is rather far for me - but thank you for the link! Maybe I should look at more Vietnamese stores instead of Chinese ones...

      2. Its so popular, ALL Chinese Supermarket stock it! Especially the one by the S'pore company Yeo"S

        1. Don't buy or make a large quantity. I'm pretty adventurous and it is to me very much an acquired taste and texture.

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          1. re: Scary Bill

            Really? It's the texture of lemon curd, pretty much... didn't think it was that off-putting or challenging?

            1. re: jlunar

              All I can say is that we made some using a recommended coconut milk very fresh eggs and achieved an end result that fit any descriptions of a proper finished product and six of six people were not impressed enough to want it again. But I do acknowledge it's popularity to the point of being an iconic Malaysian breakfast staple, just not at my house.

              1. re: Scary Bill

                Fair enough! Just felt like you were describing the reaction people might have for a Durian spread or something :)

                  1. re: jingloh

                    I was totally making that up, but I feel like someone has got to have thought of making it already...!

                1. re: Scary Bill

                  I must comment that making a recipe that fits the description doesn't mean that the actual product was made. I suggest that you try a commercially made kaya (e.g. Yeo's) for reference (you may find that you *do* actually dislike kaya). I have had home made kaya (in Malaysia, no less!) that I found gross. But others that are divine!

            2. It's great to see people suggesting making your own kaya! I love it, especially on thin slices of toast and butter, soft boiled egg to dip it in, and a cup of teh tarik.

              If you want to save the time, I suggest simply going to a Chinese grocery store. There are several varieties available too. T&T Supermarkets will surely have it and is probably the safest bet in terms of availability. I'm not sure which aisle you'll find it in though.

              If you are even more desperate, you can also buy a bottle online and get it shipped here. Maybe I've never purchased anything on it and in no way endorse the site, but the items are authentically Malaysian/Singaporean.