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Oct 7, 2010 11:19 AM

San Juan/Condado Area

I need recommendations for two dinners. Solo diner. Highest quality food (both ingredients and prep), the more "local" the better, fancy decor/service/attitude is a negative but I'd put up with it for food quality, walking distance from La Concha Hotel in Condado area. No real price limits.

And, at least one of the two places should have awesome mofungo!

BTW, I've searched around and haven't found anything too recent and/or on-point. Any help appreciated


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  1. Try Jose Enrique, excellent local cuisine, funky ambience, located in Santurce at the Plaza del Mercado. Would not walk, cab it. Compostela has excellent upscale Spanish tapas, great wine selection. Bebos Cafe is a more low-key, PR-Dominican restaurant, good food, cheap. For very upscale cuisine, try Augustos, very quiet but very refined, NYC type food. Off the beaten path but for tremendous pasta try Pinoli.. Enjoy,

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      Pikayo at the Conrad is a ten minute walk (very safe) and Buddentai is across the street from La Concha. Both are great choices - ate there multiple times Feb. 2011.