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Oct 7, 2010 11:01 AM

Hub or Wife away? Now You Can Saute'!

Alright, the Khantessa will be in Pennylvanny for four nights starting this coming Saturday, and while I'll miss her heartbreakingly, I'm also looking forward to whomping up some vittles that she'll ordinarily never allow in Khasa Khan. So Saturday night it's chicken and dumplings, Sunday night it's BBQ spareribs and tater salad, Monday night it's chicken breasts and mushrooms in a white wine sauce over rice, and Tuesday night it's probably pork chops and rice baked en casserole with Campbell's Cream o' Shroom soup.

So when you're all by your lonesome and have the kitchen entirely to yourself, what do you chef up?

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  1. Oh always salmon patties and or crabcakes, tuna melts. He thinx this is "catfood". Very sad.

    1. egg noodles. with olive oil, black pepper, and shards of parmesan. husband thinks this is too "plain."

      or I eat cereal for dinner because it's "unbalanced", "unhealthy," and "gross"

      1. **Liver** Husb hates the smell of it cooking and wouldn't eat it on a bet, and the kids referred to it as "ewww--that's like eating blood clots!" Sigh.....all the bad press does not deter me, is my guilty pleasure when I have the house to myself! Our four dogs vote with me on this one ;)

        1. Mrs H used to travel a fair bit on business so I used to cook a wide range of dishes. In more recent times, she's not away as often so now I just cook things she doesnt particularly like to eat - so that''s east asian food and game. Oh, and anything involving tuna and salmon - both of which she despises with a vengeance.

          1. Onions. Anything with onions. Everything with onions.

            Years ago, The Mister came home after a very lengthy business trip and opened the refrigerator, saw an onion on the shelf, picked it up and just threw it into the trash. An automatic reaction.

            I have onions in the house now, but he doesn't know it.

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              >I have onions in the house now, but he doesn't know it.

              For some reason, that made me cackle like a crazy woman.