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Oct 7, 2010 10:27 AM

Salsa & Beer-Now Open on Lankershim in NOHO!

This spot is now open and has great burritos & tortas.

The complimentary bean deep is tasty and a wonderful salsa bar.

Definately try one of their giant beers too.

I'm pleased to have this close by.

Share your feedback once you give it a taste.



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  1. Located between Magnolia Blvd. and Chandler Blvd.

    Salsa & Beer
    5225 Lankershim Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91601
    (818) 344-6574

    1. Dear lord, I hope the Carnitas Tacos at this new location are as good as at the original -- they are like crack to me.

      I'm VERY happy this is finally open ... though my waistline I am sure is not.

      1. I Google-mapped this address and found it was/is the Salomi Indian resto. I hope they haven't closed Salomi, it was one of my favorite Indian places outside of Artesia. The Salsa and Beer website hasn't yet been updated.


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        1. re: maxzook

          Yes, Max, it is the Salomi, and the same owners just changed the concept, in that no new ABC licensing has been posted for that address. I checked when Stuart first posted this thread.

          1. re: carter

            I am so embarrassed and I apologize. I enjoy Salsa and Beers other location, when I rang them last week and was told they open this week I was excited. I just went to try it out after following the above address by another poster just to discover Salome Indian is still open, you can imagine how angry I was. I then rang Salsa and Beer's other location and now they say it could be another week. Plus the accurate address is 11669 Sherman Way. I will give this new location at this proper address a try soon. Again sorry for jumping the gun. I always try to post accurate information.


            Stuart Wall

        2. Salsa and Beer
          11669 Sherman Way
          North Hollywood, CA.

            1. re: tissue

              I went there around Xmas time for lunch. The menu and food is exactly the same as the other location. I was especially pleased that it tasted the same because I love their chicken dishes and the bean dip. They are obviously using the same recipes at both locations.

              This restaurant is much larger than the original, which is nice. Also, it's not as noisy the VN location gets. I love that place, but the sound just bounces all around the room like crazy.