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Oct 7, 2010 10:02 AM

Cambridge Culinary Sushi Making Class

I am thinking of signing up for the sushi class at Cambridge Culinary. Does anyone have feedback on it? Was it worth it or would I be better reading up on it online and practicing at home?

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  1. My husband took it and he makes very decent maki now! I think the hands-on aspect helped him a lot, as well as the chance to ask questions. They also teach raw fish safety, selecting fish, etc. I was disappointed that he didn't learn how to make nigiri (seems simple but it's hard to slice the fish prettily).

    1. My fiance and I took the course there a few months ago and both really loved it! You get hands-on experience and everybody works on something different so you get to enjoy a lot of food and learn how to make all sorts of rolls. They even give you a little wine to enjoy. you also get a list of recipes to take home so you can practice after