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Oct 7, 2010 09:15 AM

Seeking pate in NH

I have been a reader for quite some time and finally decided to become a participant. I am hoping that this board can help me with my search. My husband is fond of pate, so I am looking for a gourmet shop or market that sells superb pate. He is an adventurous eater, so the base for the pate can vary. What I am seeking is pate that is done well. Any suggestions?

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  1. What area of NH are you looking to shop in? Are you looking for pate that is house made or artisinal? Or are you looking for something good, but maybe regionally distributed? I think I may have seen some larger brands in one of the small markets near me.

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      Yes, I guess more details would help.

      I am looking in southern NH, let's say 30-40 minutes north or south of Manchester is manageable. House made or artisinal is fine.

    2. Butter's Fine Food and Wine on Main St. in Concord usually has a pate de campagne and one or two others. I don't think that they're making it in house, but it's definitely better than the stuff you'll find at large grocery stores.

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        Thank you! I forgot about Butter's. Though if there are other locations south of there, it would make my drive less. Of course, if that is my best option, then I will make the drive there!

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          Angela's Pasta and Cheese in Manchester has a good selection of pate.

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            There's an artisanal charcuterist from Dover that makes his product to order from locally sourced animals and ingredients. Just email him, he's very accommodating.


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              Oh, wow, thanks for posting that link. I'll definitely take advantage of that! Things are looking up for food nerds in New Hampshire who are willing to hunt a little bit.

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                Has anyone tried the food from Poppers , the food sounds real good, mat try some pate and pork pie soon

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                Ooh! Next time I will make sure I plan in advance and will try Poppers.

                I ended up going to Angela's. They had a few options for pate, and I got to sample a handful of cheeses. A win-win for me!

                Thanks for all of the suggestions