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Oct 7, 2010 08:47 AM

Andy Nelsons - still considered the best BBQ in D.C. - Baltimore area ?

A little far for me. I did recommend (per this board) to a coworker that lives up that way. Tried KBQ, not bad but a little high.

12500 Fairwood Parkway, Bowie, MD 20720

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  1. Red White and Blue in the Annapolis and DC areas has better pulled pork, big Bad Wolf on Harford Road has equally good ribs, Andy Nelson is prob all around best for Baltimore, but the standards for this area are pretty low.

    Andy Nelsons Southern Pit Barbecue
    11007 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030

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    1. re: crowsonguy

      I'm a huge fan of Big Bad Wolf and have tried most items on their menu without disappointment. They have a variety of great sauces that are so much more flavorful than the standard BBQ sauce most places serve with their meats.

      1. re: edresner

        I love the pulled pork at Big Bad Wolf.

      2. re: crowsonguy

        Red Hot and Blue? I've never been very impressed by their pulled pork.

        1. re: Jason1

          I am not a fan of Red Hot and Blue either, it used to be simply the best of a pretty bad lot in Northern Virginia. I don't cross the water into DC or Maryland too often so I am not a good judge of BBQ there except for the ribs at Johnny Boys in LaPlata, which are pretty darn good.
          But for pulled pork in the Arlington area, there is a hole in the wall place that is more of a caterer than a cafe called Backyard BBQ near the Williamsburg Circle on N Sycamore. I hear there is a small table or two, but I have had it several times at Realtor Broker Opens and it is a step up from Red Hot and Blue. Slightly smokey, vinegar tang, more of a pulled pork look and less a sliced look to it.

      3. Depending on your definition of the boundaries of the D.C.-Baltimore area, Willards in Chatilly, VA has consistently good 'que in the southern style, with some Texas influences.

        1. Big Bad Wolf is great - particularly their brisket. The ribs at the Corner Stable are tops.

          Corner Stable
          9942 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030

          1. There's a new place called Chuck's Wagon BBQ that just opened on H Street NE. They're a catering operation that does carryout, but their hours aren't set yet. Judging by the smoke ring, they're using real wood. Can't wait to try it.


            1. I drove up to Big Bad Wof to try their stuff . Verdict: Famous Dave;s or Red Hot & Blue is on par.
              Willards, is way better. Even Chubby's, way out on 15 is as well. [Maybe it was a bad day for Bad Wolf, but I ate at the counter?].Im one of the few that did hit Alabama BBQ, right down the street from BBW. It was better as well.
              But! if you live in Baltimore City, same as DC, what can you do? I have not gone to Andy Nelson's, yet. BBW was not worth the gas to get too in my book. KBQ has changed, now it is a hit or miss formula deal. Dunno, these days Maybe time to make the trek to Andy's.....Or just pull out teh grill and face the music: do it your self for 5 or 6 hours..

              12500 Fairwood Parkway, Bowie, MD 20720

              Famous Dave's
              14140 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, MD 20707

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              1. re: RobertM

                You really do need to try Andy's. I am not a BBQ expert, but I think they're fantastic. This is the place that introduced a transplanted Okie to Carolina pulled pork. Another thing I love about Andy's is that most of their sides are as good as their Q, esp. the smoky, tangy baked beans.

                Cindy Wolf, owner and chef at Charleston, which is hands down Baltimore's best restaurant, once listed Andy's as being her favorite place in the area. I tend to agree. If there's better Q around I'd like to know where.

                1. re: JonParker

                  I hear ya. Now if the stuff is true to the legend boy am I gonna have one heck of a gas bill.......
                  I will try to get up that way and dive in.

                  1. re: RobertM

                    I tried the ribs at Andy Nelson's. Definitely ask for sauce on the side. I wouldn't make a special trip from DC, but go for it if you can combine that with something else.