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Oct 7, 2010 06:01 AM

Stuffed Cabbage Goof .. Help Please :)

Ok, here is what happened .. I usually make my filling and use uncooked minute rice in the filling .. this time I added regular uncooked long grain rice and after putting them all together (50 or so) realized that I probably should have cooked the rice first ... on a side note I only used regular rice because my sister doesnt care for minute rice .. in all honesty I think they come out fine with minute rice.

So, my question is .. what to do now ?? I think they would still cook up fine in a crockpot with a can of stewed tomatoes or something for moisture .. your thoughts? Has anyone made this same goof ?

Thanks in advance !

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  1. I think they'll be fine as long as you use plenty of liquid when you cook them. I've always used cooked rice (saved from leftovers and frozen for that purpose), so haven't tried it your way.

    1. I always use raw rice. You just need a fair bit of liquid. A couple of cans of tomato sauce and a can or two of whole tomatoes, with the liquid should be sufficient. I wouldn't use a crock pot though. Just an hour or two simmering on the stove.

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        Yup. That's exactly what my wife does - for stuffed peppers, but it's the same principle as stuffed cabbage - and it comes out great! Her secret is to break up a couple of whole dried hot peppers into the sauce, so the meat itself gets a nice tingle.

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          I also use raw rice cook and cook on the stove. It need enough liquid and longer cooking, perhaps one and half hours. I dont use tomato sauce. I make a sauce with onions, canned tomatoes first, add the cabbage rolls and after an hour add lemon juice and honey to sweeten the sauce.

        2. I don't think that you will have a problem. I never pre-cook my rice and everything turns out fine. Assuming that the primary filling is ground meat, the rice will be cooked, probably, before the meat is cooked.

          1. I also always use raw rice. I use tomato juice for liquid and simmer for an hour and a half. It DOES take the rice longer to cook than the meat.