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Oct 7, 2010 12:14 AM

Quick - Cafe Suggestion!


We are in Paris and we are planning to meet another couple we know who happens to be in Paris at the same time as us on Friday.

I need a suggestion as to where we could meet for coffee/drinks.

They are near Trocadero and we are near Place St. Michel. We were planning on being in the 8th 15th that day to do some sightseeing but I am sure places near the Champs and the Tower are touristy and pricy.

Any suggestions that come to mind? I know there are millions of cafes so it could be kind of pointless.....


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    1. re: Parigi

      "Gocce di caffe"

      Good suggestion for way above average coffee in an interesting setting, the Passage des Panoramas. Another café that Parigi introduced me to is the Café Verlet, perhaps easier to find on rue St. Honoré.

      If you are more into drinks, perhaps Café Constant or La Terrace closer to the Tower.

      1. re: Laidback

        Thanks!!!!..since we are meeting at 3pm would Cafe Constant be serving coffee drinks then? it seems like the best location...and La Terrace..I tried to Google but of course lots of things come up...what street is it on?

        1. re: parisdreamer

          Go to the bar at Cafe de L'Alma, or sit on the terrace if the weather is nice. Check out their web site.

          1. re: Oakglen

            OK, dreamer, my guess is depending on when you finish eating at the CC (I go early so I can get a place but that's very unfashionable) that is, if you drag it out to 3 PM, they'll be coffee, but Oak has it right - if not, go to the Cafe de l'Alma, esp on a fine day. If you have time to kill between the two, into Meteo France where there are cool TV screens/exhibits.

            1. re: John Talbott

              Thanks John - we won't be eating there - just meeting for coffee/drinks at 3pm. Can you do that there or is it only for food?

              1. re: parisdreamer

                I've seen people sitting at the bar having wine say, but not sure I've ever seen people at tables only have beverages. Maybe others have.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  We ended up meeting at Cafe D'Alma since it was a spectacular day last Friday and I wanted a terrace spot. It was lovely spot and quiet too. Too bad I had only packed for colder/wetter days as I was dying to get out of my walking shoes and into some shorts and sandals that day!

                  We watched a very stylish 80+ lady next to us dining by herself as she finished a 3 course meal of steak tartare, steak & frites and fruit for dessert, plus wine followed by her smoking a big fat cigar. Guess that is the secret to looking good and living long!

          2. re: parisdreamer

            Place Ecole MilitaIre on the corner of Motte-Piquet and Bosquet. This location(Ecole Militaire) is the transportation hub of the neighborhood.