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Carne Asada UnCooked

Where can I get some great uncooked carne asada, eastside or westside?

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  1. There might be something more recent, but I have this bookmarked:


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    1. Hollywood = Villa Lobos Market on Santa Monica Blvd, east of Western (opposite Jons), Also terrific pollo asada. First choice and worth the travel time.
      Northeast L.A. = the Super A's are pretty good for both carne & pollo asadas
      Fresh & Easy sometimes has pretty good carne asada, but a little pricier than above.

      1. In Pasadena, Dona Rosa Market on the corner of Allen and Villa. It's behind a Pueblas Tacos restaurant. Terrific carne asada and their pollo preperado is like eating candy.

        1. Try Don Felix Meat Market in Culver City. They have consistently good asada preparada.

          I've also had good luck with Carniceria/Taqueria Sanchez in Culver City.

          Don Felix Meat Market
          3985 1/2 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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            Vicente Foods in Brentwood has it.

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              So does Bob's market on Ocean Park.

              I also buy it regularly from Trader Joes, and my local Ralphs. We are big fans of carne asada.

          2. I fixed it last night. I use Ralph's marinated and prepackaged "Private Selection" brand in the meat case. It cuts easily into stir-fry strips without unfolding it first; just as it comes out of the package. You can then cut the strips into smaller ones. It's really the best outside of a Mexican fast food joint.

            1. Do yourself a favor. Forget the premarinated carne asada and make your own. It takes little effort and the finished result will be better than any premarinated product. I get USDA choice skirt steak at Costco and pick out the most richly marbled meat I can find. The meat is often in large strips, so you might want to cut it into more manageable pieces. For the marinade, you'll need the juice of 2-3 valencia oranges, sliced onion, seasoned salt, and cilantro. Season both sides of each piece of skirt steak generously with the seasoned salt. Then, layer meat, placing onion slices and cilantro on each side, adding orange juice. I put mine in a ziplock bag, get as much air out of it as I seal it, then roll it up tightly and marinate from 24-48 hours. Grill to medium rare, slice against the grain in small bite sized pieces, serve on fresh hot tortillas with the salsa of your choice and be prepared to be blown away. I often buy some salsa roja from Tacos por Favor for this...

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                I've no doubt it would be better, Moose. "From scratch" is almost always better. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
                I do add some seasoning to the premarinated meat. I use the Cholula brand dry chili-lime seasoning that I rub on.