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Oct 6, 2010 09:35 PM

Looking for authentic, high quality Reuben Sandwich!

Hi there,

I'm really craving a good Reuben-one with high quality meat (not the grocery store variety). Where can I get this? Help a pregnant lady out!!!

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  1. I don't know where to get beef plate to make real corned beef or pastrami, and I don't think CostCo sells Carnegie Deli pastrami any more.

    I have heard that Live Oak Market does a decent reuben, as well as New World Deli. Here's a video of the latter:


    I don't have the QuickTime hog installed, so not only haven't I tasted it, but I haven't seen it either ;-


    Does any place in Austin sell beef plate?


    New World Deli
    4101 Guadalupe St Ste 100, Austin, TX 78751

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    1. re: sqwertz

      thanks for the suggestions! i'll admit, though, I'm disappointed that neither place mentions they make their pastrami/corn beef in house : (

      1. re: Lotus7

        New World Deli uses Boar's Head. I don't think anyone in Austin makes their own.

        New World Deli
        4101 Guadalupe St Ste 100, Austin, TX 78751

        1. re: PappyAustin

          Actually a little cafe in a business park I used to work near 620 and 2222 would make their own corned beef, and it was delicious. Unfortunately there was really no way to tell when he would do it. But it was always very good. The corned beef wasn't paper thin either, so there was some bite to it.

          1. re: Homero

            Homero, do you know if that cafe is still there? We'd like to try it if it is, but I searched online and couldn't find anything.

            1. re: stephanieh

              Yeah, it should still be there. It's called Tangent Cafe and it is in the RiverPlace Business Park in Building 4 I believe. Michael and Lynn, a husband and wife team run the place. I believe Mike has a mailing list with the daily specials that you can sign on to. That would probably be the best way to find out when he makes his corned beef.

              1. re: Homero

                Thank you SO much! I'd have never heard of it otherwise.

    2. What about Manny's Uptown Kitchen (formerly Manny Hattan's)? It seems I saw something about them making their own when I was looking for info on preparing pastrami and corned beef...

      Manny's Uptown Kitchen
      9503 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

      1. i haven't seen any in the 5 years i've lived here.
        but, i really, really want to try the smoked duck pastrami sandwich at the new noble pig restaurant.

        1. My husband eats Reubens frequently, so I got his opinion.

          First pick - Cover 3, but it's less traditional. The Russian dressing is called "Spicy" on the menu, and he thought it had chipotle. So, just be aware of that. It did have really high quality meat.

          Second - Hyde Park Bar and Grill, the one in Hyde Park. It's been awhile since we've been, but it used to be his go-to Reuben. We've noticed a downslide in quality the last couple times we've been to the south location. Don't know if it's just that location.

          Third - Manny Hattan's, but we haven't been since they revamped the menu and upped the prices. They always kind of let us down. It was too expensive for the ambience and service. However, he really liked their Reuben.

          He wouldn't recommend NeWorlDeli. That one was a big disappointment.

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          1. re: stephanieh

            I totally forgot about Cover 3's ruben/onion soup combo. I don't know if the meat is up to Lotus7's standards, but I do like it very much. On a side note, I just came back from Seattle and did the Seattle Bites tour and believe it or not, had an AWESOME ruben on that tour from a little stall called "I Love New York"...go figure...

          2. The HEB on Far West has a kosher deli that serves Reubens. I think they make their own corned beef/pastrami.

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            1. re: IzzeinAustin

              Pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't a reuben not kosher given that it has cheese and meat on it? Seems to me that a kosher deli wouldn't serve a reuben.

              As a side note, the best reuben I've had in town was from the Spec's in the Arbor Walk. It was made with Boar's Head corned beef, but it was still very good. The bread was properly griddled, the cheese nicely melted and the whole thing came together in a very tasty way. I don't know how much luck you'll have finding house made corned beef in Austin.

              1. re: agoodbite

                The Reuben at the HEB Kosher Deli is "Reuben Style". No cheese.
                My wife's friend that keeps Kosher has the sandwich at least twice a month, so it has at least a few fans..

                The sandwiches that I have had from the Kosher deli, have all been good, but the service is slow........

                1. re: Chefdavis

                  thx everyone for the terrific suggestions--i love reubens! And i'm definitely going to start with those that aren't sliced thin like lunch meat--i'm used to the Northeast versions that have some bite to them. Yum!