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Oct 6, 2010 08:57 PM

Quebec City - Fall visit

Hi Everyone,

We'll be visiting next week and after reviewing the boards have planned for the following:

Le Cochon Dingue
Cafe Clocher Penche
Le Pain Beni (res made)

Le Billig
Cafe at Parliament Building
La Patriache (early dinner 5:30-res made)

Buffet de l Antiguaire
Cafe de La Terasse (res made)
La Saint Amour (res made)

My questions are there any suggestions for a late bite/drink on Wednesday evening around 10pm? I didn't make reservations for my other two lunches, do you think it is necessary?


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  1. Just a question before can give you an advice, where will you be staying? Lower town, upper town, in the walls?

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    1. re: phyero

      We will be completing the Ghost Tour (98 Rue du Petit-Champlain) at 10pm. We are staying at the Hilton, so anything between or around there would be great.

      1. re: pioneer

        Ok the bar Le St-Laurent at the Chateau Frontenac is great, the XO lounge on Quai St-André street is also very cosy and sadly there is jazz at the Clarendon Hotel only from Thursday to Saturday... but the bar is also very nice.
        All these are on your way to Hilton
        Don't miss the Farmer's market in lower town as you are a foodie(good choice of restaurant) you will love it!

        1. re: phyero

          Phyero-thanks, I will look at these and then decide.

          A visit to the farmers' market was on our list.

          I will follow-up upon my return.

    2. Here's the follow-up to our trip.

      Le Cochon Dingue-yummy and low key, had breakfast there twice at two different locations.
      Cafe Clocher Penche-got there too late for lunch it closed, stopped at St. Patrick's Pub-wretched place, even by pub/bar food standards, service below par as well.
      Le Pain Beni-delicious food, nice service, nice decor, seated in back room next to mural. I started with asparagas crab sweet curry verrine, foie gras for DH, my entree was grilled shrimp in 'ras-el-hanout', sweetbreads and veal cheecks for DH. I would come again.

      Le Billig-didn't get there went to Casse-Crepe Breton, not impressed with either food or service
      Cafe at Parliament Building-didn't get there, sat in the patio of 1640, we only got beers and the cheese/smoked meats platters. The atmosphere was lovely, sun was shining and a gentlemen playing the harp. Warning: I looked at the food people were getting, standard fare, nothing impressive.
      La Patriache: I can't say enough about this place, the service, the food and the atmosphere was sublime-exactly what we were looking for. Any trip to QC without a dinner here would be remiss! We had the table d^hote. I had the pheasant for my starter, DH had foie gras, entree piglet for me, wild game for him. Trying to debate between two wine selections and the knowledge of the staff showed through when she stated the one selection was "too young" for what we were going to have.

      Le Cochon Dingue-yummy and low key-don't miss Grandma's pot of hot chocolate
      Cafet de La Terasse: My DH had the buffet, I order a la carte. I had the onion soup and then the crab/cheese bites (eating light). Beautiful place, attentive staff. Construction is on-going so the view wasn't as beautiful as I hoped, but this is temporary.
      La Saint Amour: another place not to miss! Service, food, atmosphere, we had the Discovery Menu, which does vary some day to day, I was really stuffing myself; if its too much for you the Inspiration Menu has less courses but not less quality. Resto has an unbelievable wine list as well. We had some cocktails to start and the bartender came over to get our feedback as he creates them himself.

      Will visit again....