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Oct 6, 2010 08:05 PM

Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant

Any chowhounds familiar with this chain? Just opened one near my house, and my wife wants to try it. I really don't understand/agree with the vegan concept, but I am keeping an open mind. I would like an opinion on the quality of the food, not a lesson on veganism, as i'm never going to give up a perfectly cooked ribeye Any dishes we should try, or avoid for that matter? Thanks

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  1. Yes, which location? I've been to the Palo Alto one, but not to Milpitas or San Francisco and I understand that they have slightly different menus.

    1. I've eaten at a Loving Hut in Naples, Fl and it's solid go to vegan food. The thing most omnivores say when eating vegan is, "it's not like my perfectly cooked ribeye," and if that's what you're looking for you will be very disappointed. If you're looking to experience a vegan meal it's a solid plate of hearty food that you'll get. This is not "high end" vegan food showcasing culinary technique but what I call a "go to" place for a decent meal at a reasonable price. I find comfort knowing that I don't have to worry about ingredients I don't want creeping into my food. That's very important to a vegan as I'm sure you know however YMMV.

      Enjoy the food. Don't compare it to anything except how if tasted and felt in your mouth. I personally always think it's decent food and we can feed the world with it.

      See, no lesson on veganism.

      Hope this helps you make up your mind to have that vegan meal every now and then ... for all the reasons the lesson would have covered. <smile>


      Marty's Flying Vegan Review

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        I appreciate your response. I would not go there expecting a ribeye replacement. My wife and I try to stick to meatless mondays, so the idea of not eating meat is not entirely foreign. I think my most important criterion would be flavor, if it tastes good nothing else matters. As to Melanie's post, the Loving Hut we would be going to is an new one in Elk Grove, which is outside of Sacramento. I will give it a try and try to come back and give my feedback.


        1. re: spineguy

          I was pleasantly surprised by the one in PA. The tastes were bright and fresh, the food in good balance. PA has a more limited menu than other Lovin' Huts. You should be aware that there's an unusual organization behind Lovin' Hut: . Whether it's more or less annoying than Cafe Gratitude would be a matter of personal choice.

          1. re: bbulkow

            Thanks for the heads up! Watching satellite cult tv while i'm dining, I don't think so.

          2. re: spineguy

            Coincidentally, I was in Elk Grove last weekend and noticed the sign on the sidewalk that Loving Hut was in soft opening. I didn't have time to stop to check it out, so I'm glad that you can!

            The menu in the SF and Milpitas branches leans more Asian, as both are located in Chinese areas. At the Palo Alto shop, the menu was more Western, e.g., shepherd's pie. The dish I liked the most was a shrimp analogue, curled and colored the same as prawns.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Loving Hut has at least two branches in SF, including one at the Westfield Mall. Its menu is different (it includes sandwiches) and much smaller than the Chinatown branch's.


        2. There's a Loving Hut near me, in Central MA. I enjoy the food, but the portions are TINY- smaller than a traditional lunch portion at dinner.

          1. Went to Loving Hut after Ajisen Ramen was closed for the night. They give you a buzzer & when food is ready it starts flashing.

            I got Spicy Royal Noodle Soup $8.25 - from the menu: Savory spicy noodle soup w/ tofu, mushroom, bean sprout & fresh basil. Sounds good so I got it. It was fairly tasty, I asked for no bean sprout & they did leave it out.

            My total was $9.03 w/ tax. They take credit cards.

            Other stuff they have. Ask for a take-out menu, it has an expired 10% coupon to use next time.

            Golden Rolls (3) $4.5
            Spring Rolls $5.95
            Crispy Tenders & Sweet Potato Fries $6.45

            Pho Noodle soup $8.25
            Garden Vermicelli $8.25

            Heavenly salad $7.95
            Tropical salad $7.95
            Loving Hut Salad $8.5

            Grilled Philly Sandwich $8.95
            Loving Hut Sandwich $8.95

            Buffet Combo Special 2 items w/ rice $8.25

            Ajisen Ramen
            Westfield San Francisco Centre, 865 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

            1. Mrs. Wineguy and I dropped in for lunch at the Irving Street location today. We had the Mango Salad, the Pad Thai, and the Eggplant with Tofu. The Mango Salad was wonderfully fresh and crisp, with a pleasant vinaigrette and a touch of heat. The Pad Thai was just as I wanted, a little sweet with a touch of heat. And the Eggplant with Tofu was a clay pot sort of dish that was rich and aromatic with basil.
              We really enjoyed our meal, and as omnivores, didn't miss the meat.
              524 Irving Street
              San Francisco, CA 94122

              Loving Hut
              524 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122