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Oct 6, 2010 06:58 PM

Blue Ridge Parkway

Going for a drive from mile marker zero (near Staunton, VA) to at least Lynchburg. Anything chow-worthy, or even chow-notable, along the way?

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  1. The Staunton Grocery is probably the finest dining in the area:

    Blue Mountain Brewery is down the mountain just off Route 250 in Afton: Really great handcrafted beers and local, often organic fare including an awesome bratwurst pizza.

    There are many beautiful vineyards in those parts as well:

    The Staunton Grocery
    105 West Beverley Street, Staunton, VA 24401

    1. If you are near Afton Mountain, which is not too far from Staunton, I have two suggestions. In Waynesboro, VA, eat breakfast at the Basic City Luncheonette. A hole in the wall, but real good. On the other side of the mountain near the town of Afton is Blue Mountain Brewery. A good micro brewery with decent food, and an excellent view of the mountain from the front porch.

      Basic City Luncheonette
      408 N Commerce Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980

      1. Southern Living magazine this month has a nice article with a map about that drive. Why don't you pick it up and take it along?
        Also, FatGuy, the South board might be helpful. I know many Southerners who make that trip every year.
        Here's a link to the online version:

        1. Go to Frank's in Buena Vista, VA a few miles W of BR Parkway on Route 60 for great lunch or dinner with outdoor dining.

          Frank's For The Memorie's @ 2117 Magnolia Avenue, Buena Vista, VA 540 - 261 - 5553.

          1. Rats. Somehow I missed this post. If you haven't already done your drive....Millstone Tea Room in Sedelia. Not too far off the BRP