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Oct 6, 2010 06:48 PM

Delicious bakery cookies in NYC...not Levain

I know Levain's are the best, but I refuse to pay over $5.00 a cookie.
Need approx. 30 for a gift. OK, call me cheap.

Are there any other deliciously gooey bakery cookies in NYC?

[Sorry can not get to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or New Jersey.]

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  1. Levain's are not the best. However, not sure what high quality versions have the same gooeyness/size that you seem to require. In UWS there is J Torres, they might give you a fresh batch if you tell them you are ordering 30. Maybe even a discount? Well, that might be asking for too much.
    Obviously, the cookies are not exactly the same style.

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      really?? who do you think is best? I think Levain is a lot better than J Torres especially if the OP wants a gooey bakery cookie. Jacque Torres is a lot more crisp than gooey.

    2. I really like Petrossian's oatmeal raisin cookies. (I'm pretty sure they have raisins.) The double chocolate chip cookies (or whatever they're called) are also good. They're also higher on the "gooey" scale. I haven't tried their chocolate chip cookies but I would think they're pretty decent. I think all the cookies are $3 a piece. I recently discovered Fairway's chocolate chip cookies and almond cookies. These are incredibly good value at $1.49 per package (two chocolate chip cookies per package and one almond per package). I think they also sell something resembling a Linzer cookie variety (shortbread-type cookie with fruit filling in the center, maybe). All the cookies are wrapped in cellophane and are on the upper-shelf of that muffin case to the right of the bread counter. I really liked both varieties of cookies I tried. The chocolate chip was I guess more crispy than cakey, but not excessively so. The almond had a yummy marzipan-like filling. I could see how it might be a bit too sweet for some, though I don't think it was excessive. Not sure they rate as gooey (almond one definitely doesn't) but they're large and tasty.

      182 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

      1. Birdbath Bakery, which has various outposts around the city -- they recently opened branches in the New Museum and TriBeCa -- sells gift boxes of smaller (oreo-sized) gooey chocolate-chip cookies for what I recall is about $1/cookie.

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          Another option is City Bakery -- which is the same folks as Birdbath.

          City Bakery
          3 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

        2. The cookies at Birdbath are pretty good, but IMO where they shine is their coconut macadamia nut cookie. And I don't usually like coconut.

          The chocolate chunk cookies from Big Booty Bread Company are very very good, iirc they're about $2.50? a cookie. Larger cookies, about the size of Birdbath's, and similarly priced. I think I'd rate their chocolate chip higher than Birdbath's chocolate chip (but not higher than the coconut!)

          For smaller sized cookies I actually had a decent and semi-gooey chocolate chip cookie @ Magnolia's recently. I was surprised, I didn't expect I'd like it.

          1. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie In New York City

            I know that Jack's Stir Brew and Chikalicious both have theirs for $1 each.