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Oct 6, 2010 06:10 PM

Need kosher treat by Friday, 10/8, Metrowest

My daughter's high school cross country team has a tradition called "date day" where the girls are paired off with members of the boys' team and have to buy one another snack treats. (Don't ask me to explain this bizarre custom. I think it is for the purpose of encouragement and team building.)

Anyway, her "date" informed her that he keeps kosher, so she is now freaking out about what kind of treat to buy him. Any ideas? Can I just get a pack of Skittles--think these are kosher--and call it a day, or are there some other Kosher goodies available locally?

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  1. Many Stop&Shops have in-house Kosher bakeries. Ask in your neighborhood.

    Many Trader Joe's cakes and cookies are Kosher.

    Any kosher product will be labeled as such - look for the word Kosher, or K or U in a circle, or something based on a large letter V.

    Look for one of these on packaged food:

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      nuts are always kosher unless they've been dunked in something. so pistachios, almonds, etc. are just fine. in addition, most snack food (chips, candy bars, etc.) shoud have the kosher symbol on them if they are acceptable.

      1. re: teezeetoo

        stay away from the pork rinds! :)
        Id stick with candy bars/candies. Most should have a kosher symbol on them. In-store baked stuff most likely will not be officially kosher,, id stick with prepackaged things where you can see the symbols mentioned above.

      2. re: peregrine

        That website is excellent. I have never seen such a comprehensive list of kosher symbols. Thank you!

        1. re: Isolda

          Glad to help.
          Tell your daughter to let the boy open the package himself.
          Also, if it's anything that needs to be served, bring paper plates and unused plastic forks or whatever they need.

        2. re: peregrine

          Shaw/Star Market in-store bakeries also do kosher treats.

        3. I'm gonna second TJs, they have all kinds of cool little snacky things, and most of them are kosher. If you want to go the candy bar route, plenty of them are kosher, no need to go to a specialty store, 7-11 will have them.

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            Well, time slipped away, so I wound up at a CVS in Natick, armed with the list of kosher symbols, so I didn't make an error. It was a slow day, so I had three employees examining candy bars looking for the right symbols. Ended up with several packages of M&Ms, Toblerone bars, Crunch, etc. Apparently, her "date" was happy.
            And I now know how to find kosher treats!
            Thanks, all.

          2. Skittles has gelatin in them, rendering them not kosher. So do marshmallows, Starbursts, and Gummy candies. Check out the Butcherie on Harvard Ave. in Brookline. Everything in there is kosher, and they have a great candy selection.