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Oct 6, 2010 05:33 PM

Paradiso Italian Grille & Bar in Pikesville, MD

Is this place related to Pizzeria Paradiso in DC??

Or did they just steal the name? I know it used to be Pasticcio Italian Kitchen and have a location at the ill-fated Can Company.

I just saw a coupon I think it was in the October "Smart Shopper" or something like that for 20% on Tuesday for Senior Citizens, so I guess a lot of old people eat here?

What is the deal? Is the pizza decent/fresh? Meat Sauce? (or is it of the canned Boyardee variety?) Steak Subs? (or are they frozen steak-umm-y type?


I can only imagine, especially if they are catering to the elderly population (their tastebuds sometimes/usually are are not the best, um hello microwave/processed crap) ...but given it's location, I am wondering if it is even worth my dough ;) :/


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  1. Pretty poor restaurant. Food quality is simply low to average.
    Place is filthy. I would NEVER REVISIT this establishment....even with all of the coupons they have out there. Service is just awful. Management doesnt even honor their happy hour.
    Management will simply ignore you in every way. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!

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      RUN, DO NOT WALK past this hideous excuse for a restaurant. (First of all, the old sign is still up which leads me to believe the new owner can't afford a new one) Just before the name change but after the new ownership, 6 of us made the horrible mistake of attempting to dine there on a very UNbusy Thursday night. The waitress didn't speak English AT ALL. The menu was still Pasticcio's but nothing was available any longer, (salads, soups..). Finally, we all cancelled the rest of our order and descended upon the kitchen looking for the manager. He refused to speak to us and ran back into what is probably the depths of hell to avoid us. There aren't enough negative superlatives in the English language to give an accurate rating of this craphole. (Can you say "craphole" on this web site?)