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Oct 6, 2010 04:27 PM

Taco Truck, Hwy. 12 at Dunbar Rd. Glen Ellen

On my way to the Glen Ellen Market today I was possessed by another being to have tacos for lunch. I stopped at the taco truck at 12 and Dunbar. I've passed this truck before, and while they serve the local farmers during the day, I believe the may end up in Agua Caliente or Boyes at night. Anyway, on to my lunch.

I had 3 tacos. One pastor, one carnitas, and one asada.

All the meats were very fresh and tasty. Each was served with different salsas. Carnitas were a tad dry, but I prefer them dry fried to the overly fatty version. The asada was served with a nice slightly grilled onion. A grilled jalapeno accompanied all 3. The flavors were fresh, and remained so despite my 15 minute drive back to work. I'd drive from my home in Santa Rosa for these tacos. (And I'm from Redwood City, so you know that means something!)

In short, this is a wonderful addition to the VERY limited (and cost-prohibitive) dining scene in this area. I escaped lunch for under $5.00. Can't beat that with a stick ball bat.

Out wine tasting during the week? Stop here and refuel. It beats the Kenwood Market and any of the other options, IMHO, esp. at the price!


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  1. Google Hwy. 12 at Dunbar Rd. Glen Ellen on maps and click on the flag. Click street view and rotate. Is this the truck? Can't read the name at the rear on magnify. ;-)

    1. >It beats the Kenwood Market and any of the other options<

      I stopped being disappointed by the Kenwood market by stopping going there. The Glen Ellen Village Market is another thing and has a very good deli. Also, have you had lunch at Olive & Vine in Jack London Village? It's one of my favorite lunch places, period.

      Glen Ellen Village Market
      13751 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

      Olive & Vine
      14301 Arnold Dr Ste 3, Glen Ellen, CA 95442