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Oct 6, 2010 04:20 PM

one dinner near 30th Street Station, Phila

We are looking for one dinner restaurant recommendation near the train station. We are a couple with two young teens, one a foodie, one not. We'd like to hold the tab down to about $100 (or less) for four, with drinking not a part of the tab and the wine selection not an issue for this dinner. When traveling with the kids, we like to find things that have local character. We are particularly partial to seafood, or ribs/bbq in towns that do that well. German is great, Mexican and Italian are possibilities, Asian cuisine is not. We avoid chain restaurants (unless there's really nothing local you can count on, and the chain is well run, and at least you know what you're getting -- but that's a definite Plan B). Thanks!

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  1. Not aware of any good places near 30th St station, although others may be. Your chances might be better closer to Market East Station?

    1. Perhaps Bistro St. Tropez? It would be a short walk from 30th Street, and does have some local "character" although the location is kind of weird with having to navigate through the Design Center building to find it. I had one disappointing Restaurant Week meal there, but then a much better experience with their regular dinner menu when the RW crowds were long gone.

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        I second Bistro St. Tropez. Strange location but good food nonetheless. Had a good celebration dinner there with 5 others, 3 of which were not the foodie type and 2 who were, everyone really enjoyed the meal.

      2. Bridgwater's Pub inside the station was very good last time I was there, but that was a couple of years ago.

        1. I would grab a cab to Distrito, which is Jose Garces Mexican place in West Philadelphia. 5 minute cab ride, happy atmosphere and great AUTHENTIC mexican food. And a volkswagon in the window to boot....

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            Sure, but if you get out of there with a $100 tab for 4, you're still going to be hungry

            I think the OP is going to have to cab it somewhere to eat for that price. If you really want to stay on budget, maybe take the subway to Zavino or Pizzeria Stella.

          2. Distrito is the best, but depending on appetites, hard to stay under $100------but i have been there ith group of 4-5 and has been around $100 and that's with margaritas, so may be more doable.
            Agree also with Bistro St. Tropez and was also just reminded on another thread of Salento at 23rd and Walnut, Italian BYOB, very affordable.

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              Salento would be a good option. I tend to forget it is as close to 30th St. Station as it is, but it's reasonably priced and has been really good when I've been there.