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Central Texas BBQ coming to Dallas' Oak Cliff.


I'm waiting with unbridled, mouth watering anticipation. But, as good as Central Texas BBQ? We'll see.

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  1. We will need to gather a band of merry chowhounds for the opening. Bet they open before INO Burger.

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    1. It's going to get much harder to pick what to eat in Oak Cliff.

      1. Had the "Big Rib" at Smoke tonight. These new guys are going to have to be awfully good to beat the huge, crusty, juicy smokey goodness of Smoke's "Big Rib".

        1. Are you frickin' kidding me. We bought our house in OC back in 2005 and we always hoped and prayed for Baker's or the like, but Kreuz... This is unbelievable!

          1. Trying to figure out the location... is this what's going into firehouse? Or where the Mexican place that just closed was?

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            1. re: Sulan

              I think Gloria's is going into the old firehouse, although that would have been a great location. I think this is the corner of bishop and davis where Grill 400 and the short-lived tex-mex place was.

              The news just gets better and better for the Cliff. I seriously can't wait for this to open. I don't see this hurting Smoke at all, the brisket there is my least favorite thing (except when its in the hash).

              I do wonder how the neighbors will feel about the constant smell of smoke. "Smoke" had to install a trap on their chimney, I believe. I'm not sure if that would help much for the amount of smoke they're gonna be generating.

              1. re: sike101

                You are correct - there's now a sign up for Gloria's on the firehouse and for the BBQ place where the Mexican place just closed.

            2. I absolutely can't wait. After a summer roadtrip to Lockhart, several friends and I have been wondering why none of those families opened a Dallas branch.

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                  They've added a little more to their website since the link was originally posted. Not a lot, but it's beginning to look like a real website, anyways. Thought I'd bump it back up in case anyone is interested.

                  1. re: Chimayo Joe

                    Thank goodness they're going to use Texas Post Oak to smoke with. Should be great!

                2. I'm still apprehensive about whether this place is going to have a pedigree yet lack in delivery. I see a family connection and a classically trained chef, what I don't see is any pitmaster experience turning out the goods in Lockhart. I'm also not sure how easy it would be to get clearance from City of Dallas to set up a open pit style smokehouse ala Lockhart, Luling and Lexington which I think has to be one of the keys to how they do it down there.

                  I hope I'm wrong and I hope its everything Dallas needs, but I'm not counting my briskets before they've hatched.

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                    According to Hanna Raskin, it's not going to be an open pit, it's going to be one of these: http://www.anbewleyfabricators.com/pr...

                    Not as good as Lockhart of course but still potentially better than anything available here, assuming a real commitment to high quality smoked meat which remains to be seen. Either way it's not like we're losing anything.

                  2. A picture of a plate of BBQ from Louie Muller BBQ in Taylor, Texas.
                    I'll be a very happy camper if their's is just half as good.

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                    1. re: twinwillow

                      Half as good as Louie's will be twice as good as anywhere else!! Especially the sausage.

                      1. re: Mike C. Miller

                        I'm crazy about LM's sausage. Their regular sausage. Not the jalapeno.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          The last two times I've been by, they were out of the regular sausage. So I tried both the jalepeno and the chipotle. Both were good, but not even in the same ball park as the original. Their original sausage is absolutely the best I've ever eaten and I've tried every sausage I could find on three continents. Just absolutely amazing. Better than any brisket I've ever had by a mile.

                    2. Had some Lockhart BBQ the weekend. My expectations were sky high, given their lineage. It was pretty solid overall. I went with a few pound of the clod, few of the brisket and a couple of rings.

                      Overall the flavor is exactly the same as all the great places down south, I'm assuming they're using only post oak, because it's spot on.

                      The bark and smoke ring are perfect. The regular brisket was a little tough/dry for me, but I've had that experience at most of the big places in Luling, Lockhart, etc.

                      The clod, however, is where it's at though. Absolutely perfect and just fatty enough, fall apart tender. I’ll never get the regular brisket again. It really is as close to south Texas BBQ as anything I’ve ever had north of Taylor.

                      The sausage is as billed; Kreuz’s rings. I’ve never been a huge fan of the sausage down there, always seems a bit over-ground to me. For my money, Southside Market in Elgin has the best sausage in Texas. But what they’re serving in Oak Cliff is as good as anything else around here, except maybe Pecan Lodge. The jalapeno is not too hot.

                      Skipped all the sides, will have to try another time.

                      It may not be transcendent BBQ yet (having only been open a week) but there is definitely something to be excited about.

                      1. I've heard very mixed reviews from my friends so far. And, many considered them quite expensive.
                        Two of my friends said they preferred the BBQ at Sweet Georgia Brown.
                        I'll get there eventually.

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                        1. re: twinwillow

                          I had lunch there on Monday, got brisket ribs and jalapeno sausage. The brisket looked dry but was moist, tender and seasoned perfectly. Ribs should have still been in the smoker, lots of un-rendered fat and little smoke flavor. Jalapeno sausage was not very spicy. Will definitely give it another go.

                          1. re: kylewilliam

                            The comments made by my friends who live in Oak Cliff also included the fact that they're not smoking the meat long enough. I'm sure eventually they'll get the hang of it.
                            Remember, good BBQ is highly dependent on the pitmaster and his (or her) level of expertise.

                        2. Having lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse tomorrow.
                          I'll tell ya what I think afterwards.

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                          1. re: twinwillow

                            Had lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse today.
                            Excellent: All the BBQ I ate with the exception of a piece of a friends (regular) link. Too mushy! All the meats were very tender and tasty and had that good "Central Texas" smoky flavor. Except-they were all, way too salty!
                            Bad: Loading each meat item on it's own (too thin) "butcher"
                            paper. Talk about grease.
                            Bad: No Sweet 'n Low or Splenda. Better bring your own.
                            Bad: Their cheap paper thin plastic drinking cups. When you pick up a cup in your hands, the cup is so thin, you can almost squeeze the liquid right out.
                            Really bad: The cost. 3 ribs. 2 smallish slices of brisket. I thin slice of clod and one drink was $24.02!
                            Like I said above, all the meat items I ordered were (surprisingly) very good albeit, very salty.

                            1. re: twinwillow

                              Funny, I had the opposite, thought, that there wasn't, enough, salt, in the rub. I think the clod and brisket are a tad under $7 a half pound which is a bit pricey compared to the hill country, but lots cheaper than say a Kent Rathbun restaurant. I don't really get why the "grease" on the butcher paper is a bad thing, to me, the fattier and jucier the better. I thought overall it was pretty darn good for Dallas, on my scale somewhere around a 7 out of 10, losing points for a slightly less than crack-ly crust, lack of salt, only moderate smoke and beef/pork flavor (although that's just personal preference), and a relatively small amount of connective tissue, enough to irritate slightly if you eat it caveman style. It was still a little cool this morning but not cold, but I will probably keep checking in periodically to see if they can approach the perfection reached at places like Snow's, Franklin, Smitty's, or Gonzalez.. I liked it better than what I got at Pecan Lodge and found it comparable to and possibly slightly better than Meshack's, although I haven't been there for a while.

                              1. re: luniz

                                @luniz: Obviously, we were there on different days.
                                I've already heard from others that go there more often that there is an inconsistency with the quality of the meat from day to day. I'm OK with the grease but I prefer the way they serve at Kreuz's in Lockhart. All the food is put on ONE piece of WAX LINED butcher paper. Not, 3-4 pieces of plain paper. So when you carry your food to your table, your hands remain grease free. As does also, the paper. The slices of brisket I ordered were cut from a very crusty (almost black) hunk of brisket. Which was very peppery, very smoky, but very salty. However, despite the heavy salting, it was delicious! Tender, fatty, tasty, and very juicy.
                                They've got a very long way to go to even come close to the heights of BBQ served at Smitty's or Snow's. But I think over time, (at least for me) they will satisfy my yearning for Central Texas BBQ without having to make the 5 hour round trip drive.

                                1. re: twinwillow

                                  I guess I agree about the paper - not really the grease issue, but I didn't like having 4 giant sheets of butcher paper to contend with on my table. As you suggested, load it all onto a single piece!

                                  I had a weird experience with the shoulder clod. I had heard such good things about it from BBQ Snob, that I had to try some. It was terrible - smoky enough, but WAY overcooked, dry and tough. Seriously tougher than overcooked roast beef. Terrible.

                                  I went back to get some fatty brisket that looked good at an adjacent table - and mentioned the problem to the pitmaster (at least, I think it was him). He wasn't there when I got my order of shoulder clod, and he seemed shocked - sliced me another piece to try, and it was completely different - moist, tender, and quite delicious. He comp'd me an order and said that he was eager to have feedback - which I thought was great.

                                  I did not, however, take the opportunity to give him feedback about the ribs. In my opinion, the crust wasn't... crusty enough. And the ribs weren't quite as tender as they could be - I guess cooking them longer would help - it seemed like some of the fat had not yet rendered.

                                  I loved the (regular) sausage - didn't find it mushy... just coarse ground and loosely packed. Casing had a good snap, and plenty of smoky flavor and mouth-coating oil.

                                  I had a small bite of the chicken and thought it was unimpressive. Not as smokey as I'd like, and the skin could have used a bit higher heat to make it less rubbery and more crisp and/or burnished.

                                  1. re: gavlist

                                    I agree with you about the ribs. I've had much better at Baker's Ribs. Although, not as big or thick. I really hope they get the ribs right soon.

                                    1. re: twinwillow

                                      Had lunch last Saturday. Had the brisket and the regular sausage - thought both were pretty good, but not transcendent. Our favorite thing, though, was the deviled egg that had bits of brisket in it, then was put back in the smoker. We were there before noon and the place was packed.

                                      1. re: Sulan

                                        Not transcendent = correct. I would definitely go back to this place, but when you call yourself "Lockhart" you are setting the bar(BQ) as high as humanly possible. Sorry, Lockhart but you ain't Lockhart. I am seriously rooting for you, though.

                                        Only had the brisket. No sides, no nothing. If my death certificate does not cite cause of death as "ate way too much brisket" I will look down from heaven with disappointment. I remember the first time I ate at Kreuz, almost every bite I told my wife - "Holy $#!t this is incredible." Didn't get that experience here. Let's say this restaurant was actually in Lockhart - no way it would overshadow any of the Big Four. That said, it is a legit improvement over almost everything else in DFW.

                                        Didn't order lean, mine was moist but definitely not mushy. The smoky flavor was good, not great. Again, I'm just talking real Lockhart standards. The quality of the meat was good. Not a cheap grade, thumbs up for that.

                                        My chief complaint is with the bark, which is the entire point to brisket:

                                        1.) There wasn't enough of it.

                                        2.) They need to smoke it longer.

                                        3.) Rub tastes kind of like recipes you could find online. I've made rubs that taste darn close to this. Not saying I could open my own restaurant, I'm just a dope who copies other people's recipes and tries to finagle them into my own thing. Guy behind the counter was offering samples of their ribs and I've gotta say that it's kind of like Memphis Dust, and the brisket was kind of like a mixture between that and Old No. 2 Texas brisket rub. There's nothing wrong with those. Just google them, make some, smother it all over some meat, smoke it in your back yard and you'll serve a meal that beats 99.9% of restaurants in this country. All I'm saying is that the first time I took a bite that's what I thought, and when I pay someone to serve me up some high-class BBQ I want genuine distinction - especially when you adopt the Kingdom of Meat as your restaurant's name.

                                        4/5 stars because it's in DFW.
                                        3/5 if it were in Lockhart.

                          2. Brisket - Tender and moist, good texture, but no *smoky* AT.ALL... in fact, no flavor at.all. Salt = good thing and none on table
                            Stuffed Deviled Eggs - ditto Brisket on favor
                            Sausage - didn't get to this until last. At room temperature, oily and greasy tasting
                            Ribs - excellent with flavor and moist tenderness
                            Burnt Ends - at least had some flavor, but were suspiciously cubed in shape. Hmmmmm.....

                            Overall greasiness was excessive and off-putting. Each meat was wrapped in its own butcher paper and the 3 small packets were then wrapped as one. The inner wrapping papers were dripping with grease.

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                            1. re: CocoaNut

                              I certainly agree with you about the grease factor. Too the point It's almost disgusting. And as you say, very off putting. However, I find plenty of smoke flavor in the brisket. Very reminiscent of Central Texas' BBQ smoke flavor.
                              The sausages are, meh. Ribs are OK. Just. For me, it's really about the brisket. Especially when cut from the "moist" end.

                              1. re: twinwillow

                                On this day, the brisket had zero flavor, at all - smoke, salt, pepper or anything else. Disappointing - I'd hoped they would have worked out the inconsistencies over the 6 months they've been open. But that aside, I can't handle that grease - oily taste, not good.