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Oct 6, 2010 04:05 PM

Central Texas BBQ coming to Dallas' Oak Cliff.

I'm waiting with unbridled, mouth watering anticipation. But, as good as Central Texas BBQ? We'll see.

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  1. We will need to gather a band of merry chowhounds for the opening. Bet they open before INO Burger.

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    1. It's going to get much harder to pick what to eat in Oak Cliff.

      1. Had the "Big Rib" at Smoke tonight. These new guys are going to have to be awfully good to beat the huge, crusty, juicy smokey goodness of Smoke's "Big Rib".

        1. Are you frickin' kidding me. We bought our house in OC back in 2005 and we always hoped and prayed for Baker's or the like, but Kreuz... This is unbelievable!

          1. Trying to figure out the location... is this what's going into firehouse? Or where the Mexican place that just closed was?

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            1. re: Sulan

              I think Gloria's is going into the old firehouse, although that would have been a great location. I think this is the corner of bishop and davis where Grill 400 and the short-lived tex-mex place was.

              The news just gets better and better for the Cliff. I seriously can't wait for this to open. I don't see this hurting Smoke at all, the brisket there is my least favorite thing (except when its in the hash).

              I do wonder how the neighbors will feel about the constant smell of smoke. "Smoke" had to install a trap on their chimney, I believe. I'm not sure if that would help much for the amount of smoke they're gonna be generating.

              1. re: sike101

                You are correct - there's now a sign up for Gloria's on the firehouse and for the BBQ place where the Mexican place just closed.