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Oct 6, 2010 04:01 PM

Best Pizza - Former Brooklyn Star space (Williamsburg)

Grabbed three slices today for lunch: grandma, margerita, and a white.

Absolutely delicious. Perfect ingredients, everything on point, with proper ratios to crust:sauce:cheese. They have an amazing old brick oven that gives you a perfect pie - not too burny/charred like many other places.

Backed by Brooklyn Star and Roberta's, this is the spot.

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  1. Phone #?
    Cannot find much online except raves which may or may not be legit and I might send someone
    there this weekend if it is not a wild good chase.

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    1. re: dietndesire

      They mentioned they just got their phone hooked up this afternoon, I stupidly didnt grab the number, as they havent started delivery yet.

      Trust me - the raves are legit!

      1. re: kariface

        that name is basically impossible to search for

        1. re: kariface

          Any other info, prices, size of pizze/slices, menu?
          Or were you given free samples as they were doing some tests and offering?

          Had heard about it beforehand but if you want to search add Roberta's or Brooklyn Star and you will find the info that is currently available.

          1. re: dietndesire

            It is SO difficult to search for! Hopefully once there is more information out there, it'll be easier.

            The menu was really small - at least for yesterday. All items were written on paper plates and stapled up (actually kind of cute). Slices were $3-$4 and even though toppings were offered, I didnt go for any (Although pickled veggies is on my must-get for next time!).

        1. What are their hours? Also, they open seven days a week? I'm thinking of stopping in for a slice or two for lunch tomorrow.

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          1. re: gwong

            Never mind, just saw the hours posted on their website. I don't know if I missed it the first time around but I think it's new.

            Open 2pm - midnight
            Delivery from 6 - 11pm
            Closed Monday

            1. Pizza looks like a super quality NYC pie from the pix on their menu. But 'Best Pizza' is a bold name choice in NYC. And in Brooklyn for that matter. They better deliver on that or suffer through the mocking nicknames that are sure to develop.

              Maybe they just need to work on their marketing. Between the name, and their inability to let people know their hours, something in that dept. is off.:)

              Pizza in the pix sure looks good though. If it lives up, that will be all the marketing they will need.

              1. Went last weekend. It was pretty good. Nice crisp-chewy crust on the first pie, second pie was a bit too thin and saggy. Liked how each pizza slice had a single giant basil leaf, but it was hard to eat that way. The white pizza we tried was really good, too. They scattered the cheese in an interesting way so each bite was different and I dug the sesame seeds in a ring by the crust. But I found the white pie slices to get monotonous about 75% of the way through.

                They also brought out a bunch of fresh garlic knots because our group was ordering so much pie. Really GREAT playlist (old school hip hop, but lots of non album tracks) and really nice guys. It was good and I'd go back if I happened to be nearby but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there (that said, I'd like to try the Grandma slice).