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Oct 6, 2010 03:58 PM

If you could choose a chef to cook a holiday meal...

I belong to a survey group, and one I took tonight had to do with Holiday Meals. One of the questions was the following along with some choices, and I thought it might be interesting to see who people would choose.
If you could choose, what celebrity chef would you choose to cook your holiday meal for you?

Mario Batali
Emeril Lagasse
Bobby Flay
Alton Brown
Julia Child
Rachael Ray
Giada De Laurentiis
Cat Cora
Jamie Oliver
Gordon Ramsay
Paula Deen
Martha Stewart
Ina Garten


Personally, I don't think having Julia Child in the list is fair, as she's no longer with us. But if she WAS - I would absolutely pick her!

Anyway, with this list, and without wanting to think of an "other", I chose Jamie Oliver. The little bit I know about him, it just seemed like I'd like his flavors the best.

Who would you pick and why?

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  1. The part of me which hates to clean would choose Martha, because while the turkey was cooking she wouldn't be able to stop herself from totally cleaning and reorganizing my house! Definitely get more bang for your buck with her.

    If I were hosting my family, then Ina. Her style and personality would fit everyone quite well.

    For just me, SO and select friends then David Chang!

    1. I'd like to look at Giada while Paula Deen did the actual cooking

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      1. re: bagelman01

        Oh great, you've gotta thing for both cleavage AND butter, do you?! ;) You might really have a heart attack with that combo. HA HA HA!

        1. re: kattyeyes

          I'd die happy............
          Actually they were the best combination I could come up with from the list offered.

          I could be happy with a holiday meal prepared by any of the old school line cooks from Le Cirque, The Four Seasons, Le Chambord, etc.

          I don't require a TV personality, and am not fond of Nouvelle Cuisine for a holiday. A good, experienced and well trained line cook from a top restaurant would be fine, I don't need an executive chef or chef d'cuisine.

          However, I would want a top notch baker for the desserts, one who could make Viennese or Hungarian tortes.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            "Oh great, you've gotta thing for both cleavage AND butter, do you?! ;)"
            sounds to me like Nigella would be his ideal, then ;)

            1. re: kattyeyes

              and from the other extreme...

              To turn a family Sunday supper into a holiday, I'd love to have Lidia Bastianich cooking in my kitchen, BUT only if she brought along grandma.

            2. re: bagelman01

              NOW, now......we'll have none of that sort of thing, bagelman.

            3. Well, my guys are missing from this list! I'd like Tyler Florence for dinner and Jacques Torres for dessert, please. And if my mom had a vote, Jacques Pepin all the way...she has his books (signed), has met him, adores him. He lives in CT, even, so he could get here in less than an hour. ;)

              But back to my choices...I've never made a Tyler Florence recipe I didn't like--his bacon-wrapped turkey this past Thanksgiving was OUTSTANDING...and I watch him with regularity more than any other chef on TV.

              As to Jacques Torres, I was a HUGE "Dessert Circus" fan back when, have waved hello to him in his DUMBO store and simply LURVE his chocolates...his Alize hearts of passion are a bigtime fave as is his hot chocolate. I think it would be even MORE fun if he somehow got to make cartoon lions leap across the kitchen while making dessert for me JUST LIKE ON TV!!! Seriously, his desserts have made me drool for years...matter of fact, much as I'm fond of Tyler, if I can only pick one, I'm skipping dinner and going straight for dessert...yeah, surprise, surprise! ;)

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              1. re: kattyeyes

                Yeah, Jacques Torres. And his desserts aren't bad either.;-) Really, I could use a whole dinner of desserts once a year.

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  When I saw the title of this thread, Tyler is who I immediately thought. I love his style of food, as it's similar to what I grew up with, only more refined in technique and with some new ingredients.

                  Once i saw the list, however, I've got to say I do admire Mario Batali, and would love to eat food he'd prepared. I used to watch Molto Mario, and loved his combo of easy rapport and education with the people at the bar watching him cook.

                  1. re: amyzan

                    i know, whenever i watched Molto Mario i always wanted to be one of the people sitting at the bar!

                2. I agree, Julia first, but since she's unavailable, Jacques Pepin for sure! He's French (i'm a total whore for French anything, pardon my french!), he likes his wine, he'd have Julia Child stories, i love the accent, and he'd just be fun - he'd sit down with you at dinner and mix his several glasses of wine together, he'd scoff at the seriousness of food.... and of course, the food would be amazing.

                  Batali would be my other choice because he's just such a freak about the perfection of his food. he'd be fun to go out and drink with after dinner, too...

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                  1. re: mariacarmen

                    I second Jacques Pepin, but Lidia Bastianich or Lorenza de' Medici would be very close seconds.

                    1. re: mariacarmen

                      Pepin for sure--I love hhis easy way in the kitchen; and the food he serves looks amazing and simple at the same time.

                      If I had to pick from the list, I'd be torn between Bobby & Ina. Ina's food looks great (if aorta-clogging, but hey it's only 1 meal) and I've eaten at Bobby's and so know it's great ingredients cooked simply and simply delicious.

                      And yes, I do have a thing for simple ingredients cooked well.

                    2. The Two Fat Ladies. And Mario Batali. This is a fantasy, right?

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