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Oct 6, 2010 03:46 PM

Delicata Squash?

Anyone seen these around the Durham region?? I can't find any farms listing it as an offering and none of the grocery stores have it.

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  1. I just got one yesterday from my CSA, Kawartha Ecological Growers ( Check out their schedule of farmer's markets and CSA pickups, maybe there's one near you.

    1. I feel your pain - it's the best tasting winter squash I've ever had and it's strangely hard to find! Now's the time though. I found it at Loblaws a week or two ago with a "Sweet Potato Squash" sticker on it; and I also found it at a little Chinese produce market on Bloor near Jane. I bet many of these little produce markets get their veggies from that Ontario Food Terminal.....

      1. Also spotted yesterday as sweet potato squash at the Wednesday morning Richmond Hill farmers' market. Hillcrest Mall, Yonge & 16th.

        1. OHH My gosh, I haven't seen them either in Durham but now if I find one I'll snatch it. They really are the best.

          1. I lucked out guys, thanks!! I wound up hitting the Oshawa farmer's market and scored 6 of them for $5! Hoping to save some seeds too.

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                not Durham, but I picked some up at Fiesta today