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Oct 6, 2010 02:46 PM

Hundred Leaves Knotted BBQ Meat at Shanghai Cafe

I see this dish on the generously translated menu. Has anyone ordered it here?

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  1. I ordered this dish a few weeks ago. It was definitely one of the high points of the meal. The "knotted leaves" were bean curd skin, almost reminiscent of tangled pappardelle. The meat was large cubes of pork belly, cooked until the fat was melting and the meat falling apart. The whole dish was lightly dressed in a smoky typical Shanghainese brown sauce. I've never had a dish quite like it before, and the memories of it have haunted me ever since. Strongly recommended.

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      thanks i think ill get t today. i wonder if its best to try to say this in english or just point to menu

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        I printed out the list of translated specials here


        and brought it with me. Simplified everything. Thank you scoopG!

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          This dish looks great! I saw it at a neighboring table. Here is my recent report, in case you want to try other dishes, too (see post 9/15):


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            Erica I think your mention of this dish is the first time I heard about it! Now I'm going to take my mom for her first time eating Shanghai style

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              Let us know how you like it..I am SO sorry I saw it after we had finished our meal. It sounds like it is worth returning for!

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                I loved it. Each piece of meat was so succulent, most with just a tiny bit of fat attached to make for the perfect bite. The bean curd skins were delicious as well, wonderful texture very exotic. And the brown sauce that tied it all together was far from ordinary

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                  YAY!! Your comments will draw me back soon. Thank you.

      2. i love chowhound i would never eat such exotic food without it

        1. anyone tried "kaiyang tianjin cabbage"?

          1. Many thanks to chowhounders. The hundered leaves dish was fantastic. I loved it.

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              I would have either this knots or the braised pork (# 3 on Chinese menu) even for a party of five -too much overlap. Both are great, the former has a has cassia star anise notes while the latter is pork to the max.

            2. the braised pork shoulder to me just crosses the line of being TOO rich. I used to order it, and I loved the fat, but it became too much. I like the hundred leaves dish much better. Also--had the spicy cabbage cold appetizer today and thought it was terrific.