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Oct 6, 2010 01:41 PM

Office Christmas Party Venue Ideas Needed in Toronto!

Looking for a fun atmosphere with good food and drinks for approx 20 people. Last year we went to Czhoski's on Queen West and we had a blast. Great food and karaoke downstairs later in the evening.

I may be limiting options by saying that I would prefer to hold the event in one spot vs. hopping from place to place (one place to eat and drink then off to another location for entertainment) however, if there are a few spots within a short walking distance that would be good.

I would like to avoid chain resturants. Looking for a unique night out...somewhere of the beaten path type of thing.

Age group of attendees is early 20's to early 50's but a tight knit, fun bunch of people. I welcome any suggestions!

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  1. I really like the Drake hotel. It is great food and a fun atmosphere and they have multiple venues in that one location so you can eat in one place and hang in another. And while it is very popular right now, I think that the vibe is funky enough that it feels like it is off the beaten path.

    1. Academy of Spherical Arts. My SO's company has had their Christmas party there for the last few years and will again this year. Food is very good and they will work with you to create a menu that suits your group. Loads of drink options as they have a beer menu and stock literally hundreds of different liquors plus they have pool tables to boot.

      Academy of Spherical Arts
      38 Hanna Ave, Toronto, ON M6K, CA

      1. Great topic and suggestions so far (I'm in need of some ideas as well). Pls keep'em coming!