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Oct 6, 2010 01:19 PM

Missed my chance at PX...second choice in OT Alexandria?

Mr. Arkham and I will be celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss (!) next week. I am kicking myself because I missed my chance to make reservations for after dinner drinks at PX, even though I tried the day after they became available. (I can't believe I forgot the day.)

So I guess my first question is: any chance we can get in just by walking in? I don't want to play the "special occasion" card because that always feels tacky to me...but should I?

Second question: what would be your second choice for upscale drinks in that area? I love the Majestic as a restaurant, but the bar is a little too loud and open. What about going to Eve just for drinks? Or somewhere else? We're having dinner at Brabo, and would probably prefer to take a walk afterward.


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  1. Eve's bar/lounge is great. Vermillion too.

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      Thanks! I know Eve has the same drinks as PX, but wasn't sure what the bar was like.

    2. Are you set on cocktails? I just discovered the Grape and Bean, which looked lovely for wine and coffee.

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        We were thinking cocktails, but wine and coffee are good too. Maybe even for the next day/afternoon.

      2. Update: we were on our way to Eve and saw the blue light on at PX and decided to give it a shot. We lucked out, and got two seats at the bar. Definitely worth it, I'm so glad we tried.

        1. I've shown up at PX when they open at 7 and had no problem getting in, particularly on a Thursday.