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Dear Scarpetta

How is it possible that you open your phone lines a month in advance and somehow, magically, prime seating, 7-9, is already booked up for a month from today? If I asked for a reservation for 10 people, maybe I would understand. 2 people! I've eaten here more than 10 times since the day you opened. I was there the week you opened, when it wasn't even full. I know you've become super popular since then (because your pretty boy chef is off opening up restaurants he will never cook at) and I am not asking for special treatment. You tell me to call me a month in advance and I followed that. Not only will I never eat at Scott's restaurant's again (1 because it is impossible to get a normal reservation at Scarpetta and 2 because is Faustina still open- that was a bad meal) but I will burn Scott's cookbook, as I have already memorized his tomato sauce receipe. By the way, you may want to find someone new to answer your phones. The women I got was a big C. apologize for the punctuation errors, but as you can see, I'm pissed.

355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

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  1. Most restaurants hold virtually no reservatiobs for tables of two. Tables of four are much easier.

    1. Did you give your name when you called? They give preference to customers who have dined there before. I haven't been there in a few months, so maybe it's gotten worse, but that was always the policy.

      1. All of their front of house girls/women are like that.
        Not the only place. I do appreciate you cutting them off just like that.
        Granted, I am a stickler but I do not consider this a huge transgression. Still better to give
        them too little slack than too much. If everyone did so, we would all enjoy much better food.
        Or maybe most people cannot tell the difference and/or do not care.
        No need for his cookbook to make one of many top notch tomato sauces.

        1. i have always (always always) found everyone at Scarpetta to be incredibly polite and helpful...i've been there at least a dozen times (prob closer to 20)...hostesses, servers, bartenders, managers, and Scott Conant himself, all nice...

          Just my experience.

          Also, re: reservations, it is always possible to get a table in the unreserved front area at Scarpetta (same menu): just show up on the early side, and have a drink at the bar for a bit first.

          355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

          1. I booked a res on Opentable the other day for a party of 2 at 7:00 pm! It was for a Monday night res, though.

            1. I guess I am different but I would not subject myself to an all day or maybe two days trying to get a decent reservation at a restaurant in NYC when there are so many other good choices. I visit NYC quite often and had a difficult time getting reservations several times. After 3/4 tiring attempts I just gave up and found restaurants I liked that were not so hard to get into.

              One thing I did at several of the hardest ones was write a letter and faxed it so I would know they got it. Several returned by fax and gave me a private # to call. Several did not respond. What do you folks do that live in the city and have to go through this quite often. I never used Open Table. That may be a good way to go about it.

              After trying for days to get reservations similar to the OP I just gave up and found places that were not so hard to get a reservation. Do you folks actually call places like Daniel, Babbo and Per Se and stay on the phone forever listening to a recorded message about the location, attire, etc. I can't do it. Sorry. I hope there is an answer.

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                You could try last minute as well.
                Last visit we called Per Se same day and got a table.

                Per Se
                10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

              2. Funny, I recently dropped Scarpetta from my life after the 4th or 5th occasion of having a 9:30 reservation and not being seated until well after 10:15, with no hint of apology from the hostess. Contrast Marea where a recent delay in an 8:30 reservation of about 25 minutes got us a plate of appetizers and glasses of prosecco at the bar and profuse apologies from the maitre d'. I'm used to delays in seating at NY restaurants, but habitual delays that lead to not getting seated until close to 10:30 (which is too late for me on a work night) piss me off.

                The only time I've been seated on time at Scarpetta was Super Bowl Sunday when we were one of three tables in the house.

                I've also become convinced over time that the food is good but not that good. Certain standouts -- the truffle polenta, the tomato/basil sauce, the fritto misto -- shine in a menu filled with some fairly forgettable dishes. Anyway, the last heaping of Scarpetta attitude as my party of 5 spent most of a Thursday night hunched together n the bar trying to stay out of foot traffic and waiting waiting waiting for our 9:30 table...I too vowed that I won't be back.

                I have the tomato sauce recipe, and that's enough.

                355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

                240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

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                1. re: Elaine Snutteplutten

                  You may be interested to know that the Scarpetta in Toronto is getting very mixed reviews for the food,, but an attitude problem is is a widespread view.