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Oct 6, 2010 12:51 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner Suggestions?

We are travelling to NYC for Thanksgiving. We will be dining with our 2 children and are looking for something fairly traditional for dinner but, we aren't married to the idea of turkey and dressing. We love to eat. We are staying on East 34th near Park. Something non-tourist like would be best. I would love some great suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Craft usually does a very nice Thanksgiving option, in addition to their regular, wonderful menu. Cozy, nice-casual environment, and food is served with the intention of sharing.

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      Based on a limited sample of one experience (last year), I could not agree more. We had an outstanding meal, service, etc. We may need to be on Long Island this Thanksgiving, but if not, we'd love to go back to Craft.