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Oct 6, 2010 11:55 AM

Roasting Chicken in YYC

Does anyone have any recomendations for a place in Calgary to buy a great organic, free range roasting chicken?


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  1. I found Sunworks Farms sold at Blush Lane to have the best chickens for roasting. At the CFM on Sundays around 3ish or so they will go on sale, 20% off. I like Hutterite chickens too which you can get certain Co-op stores in the city. However, not organic but I bet pretty close to.

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      1. re: Hart50

        try Country Lane Farms they deliver to selected areas around Calgary monthly

        excellent chicken

        1. re: abn

          I've been getting Country Lane for some time now. The chickens are large, 8-10lbs (you can also get 1/2 chickens), but oh so good. It makes a tonne of gravy that tastes like my grandma used to make! If the pick up areas are convenient for you, you should give it a try. Prices are reasonable.

      2. re: sweeterpea

        "I like Hutterite chickens too which you can get certain Co-op stores in the city. However, not organic but I bet pretty close to."

        This is not true - Hutterite farming is in no way organic, biodynamic or animal friendly - Though they try and give that impression, and I believed it for years.

        1. re: Gobstopper

          I agree, if you have been to any of the hutterite colonies that have eggs and or chickens for sale you would never buy from them again. Who ever heard of a twenty pound hormone free chicken?

          1. re: smyth39

            Hormones and steroids are not used in Canadian poultry feed, they have been illegal for decades. Antibiotics can be used, but not all poultry farmers use them. And the antibiotics are specific to poultry and do not, as I understand, affect humans as the type of antibiotic used is not used in humans.

            I have never seen a 20 pound chicken, but I have seen them around 10 pounds. The chickens you buy at the butcher or grocery store are typically 6 weeks old, though they can live for several years if allowed to, and grow larger. Therefore they are not fully grown and economical for the producer with livestock turnover almost 9 times per year. Wouldn't beef farmers love that.

            And I expect that the Hutters are no different that anyone with a 20,000 bird facility, it's a production line.

            1. re: Scary Bill

              To add, Superstore has antibiotic free grain fed chicken, for not a lot more than it's other chickens.


          2. re: Gobstopper

            I was talking to a pastor who has dealings with the Hutterite community, and he says the same thing about their produce. Per him, they are completely conventional growers with all the pesticides, industrial fertilizers, etc. and that in general the image we have of them is vastly afar from reality. He also said their cancer rates are quite high. So this is obviously hearsay, but I would question their practices before buying. I do love Sunworks chicken.

            1. re: tatiana131

              I think that before criticize anyone you should do some reaearch, rather than publish anecdotal "evidence" from someone who may in fact have a contrary interest to the Hutters.. Your comment on cancer is in fact false, at least based on the study linked, and several others that I found.


              Hutters are largely conventional farmers, but not entirely, practises will vary depending on the colony.

        2. Give "Bite" in Inglewood a try as well. Not certified organic, but from talking to the owner, they are free range, grain fed (I believe) and hormone free. As close to organic as you can get without the official stamp and at about half the price of sunworks.

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          1. re: Richmond Green

            Good point Richmond - I roasted two of those fine birds last night to good reviews. ~10 bucks each, in good shape.

            1. re: Richmond Green

              I buy mine at "Bite"as well. Firm, meaty birds with with some actual taste to them. Just butterflied one and grilled it on the BBQ tonight. Delicious!

              They get mighty fine chickens. Not certified organic but next best.