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Oct 6, 2010 11:46 AM

Where to buy lobster tails in Park Slope?

I was just at Fairway in Red Hook today and the only lobster tails they had were frozen, and I couldn't tell if they were cold or warm water. Can anyone recommend a grocery store or specialty food store where I can get decent lobster tails, preferably NOT frozen, and preferably cold water? Thank you!

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  1. the fish vendor at the GAP farmers market sells live lobsters at times - not the tails, however I dont believe.

    1. Not in PS, but over in Carroll Gardens, Court Street Pastry's lobster tails are legendary.

      (Oh, now I get it :) )

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      1. I've never seen them fresh, and have always assumed they were sold frozen, and, according to some, none the worse for it. I may be wrong, but I also believe they're not from N American waters, nor a N American variety.