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Oct 6, 2010 11:44 AM

Dinner for a Private Party

I'm looking for a restaurant with private event space in Fairfield County, preferably between Norwalk and Greenwich. The event is a dinner that my boss hosts each year. We expect 20-30 people. My boss prefers more traditional American food or French food. Apparently he doesn't like Italian food so much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I had worked much of it out with Bennett's in Stamford, only to find out that they closed as of yesterday.


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  1. Bennett's closed? I thought they just got a new chef?

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    1. re: sibeats

      This is what I heard from them:

      I am writing to you let you know that Bennett's restaurant has been sold. The restaurant did shut it doors today after 15 years in the business. I do apologize for the short notice. I will be moving forward with the new company, for the new restaurant and new concept. I hope to work with you again in the future.

      1. re: craigcep

        So there is still a restaurant there, just new owners? I thought that the owners of Napa bought it and brought in Dan Kardos who was the chef at Harvest Supper in New Canaan. This is Bennett's Steakhouse you are talking about, right?

        1. re: craigcep

          Just found out that they are closing their doors for a couple of months to then relaunch with a new concept. It is Napa & Co owners and Dan Kardos as chef.

          1. re: sibeats

            Supposedly Kardos is still at Harvest Supper too, this was published this afternoon:


            Harvest Supper
            15 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 06840

            1. re: tonylazzeri

              Yeah, that's what they are saying. His name is on the menu, but the food is not as good and you can't be in two places at once.