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Oct 6, 2010 10:57 AM

Thai Recs. North of Towson?

Still looking for that good Thai place North of Baltimore City -- Towson or above. Any ideas?

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  1. My family is from Thailand. Sometime in the past year we went to Fuji San in Cockeysville. The food was decent and fairly authentic. The family that owns Fuji San also owns San Sushi, San Sushi Too/Thai One On, and Sushi-San/Thai Jai Dee (one of my favs for sushi).

    To satisfy our Thai taste buds we travel to Columbia to Bangkok Garden. It's obviously not in Towson but I thought it was worth mentioning :)

    If you don't mind me asking, what dish(es) do you use to judge a "good" Thai place?

    Bangkok Garden
    5810 Robert Oliver Pl, Columbia, MD 21045

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      > If you don't mind me asking, what dish(es) do you use to judge a "good" Thai place?

      I usually order one of the following: green, yelllow or red curries, massaman curry, drunken noodles, panang, or pad thai, of course! Open to recommendations of other dishes to sample.

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        Bangkok Garden in Columbia has been under new ownership since last December. The original Bangkok Garden still has their location in Bethesda.

        The restaurant in Columbia is now called Bangkok Garden 9. I've tried it a couple of times since it's closeby; however, it doesn't come close to the original Bangkok Garden, either in food or hospitality.

        Anyway....Bethesda isn't that far of a drive. And, it's nice to be warmly welcomed back each time I stop in.

        Bangkok Garden
        5810 Robert Oliver Pl, Columbia, MD 21045

      2. I have been to 3 places in Towson... Thai One On, Osaka Asian Fusion, and Spice and Dice Thai Restaurant. Thai One On is also called San Sushi Too, and has both Japanese and Thai cuisine. They have very good sushi (for Towson), but I was not overly impressed with the Thai food.
        Osaka is a beautiful, tastefully decorated space. I was really impressed with the atmosphere. Unfortunately the food did not live up to the decor. The sushi rice did not stay together, and the Pad Thai was bland.
        Spice and Dice is a second location for Little Spice Thai Restaurant in Hanover, Md. I love Little Spice, so I had to check out the Towson location. I was really impressed. The atmosphere was fun and artsy, and a little like eating in a friend's home. Very relaxed and casual. The servers were friendly and eager to please.
        Of course, the most important part is always the food, and they have the best Thai food I've had since my visit to Thailand. Drunken noodle is my favorite dish, and they nailed it. The noodles were fresh, the sauce was flavourful. I've also enjoyed the Tamarind Duck, Pad Panang, and Masaman Curry. I like the fact that I can choose to add veggies, chicken, pork, tofu, beef, shrimp, or squid to any of the entrees. The portions are generous, but without the uncomfortable food coma feeling.

        Bottom line: Spice and Dice is definitely the best Thai food in Towson (that includes Baltimore).

        Thai One On/San Sushi Too
        10 W Pennsylvania Ave, Towson, MD 21204

        Little Spice
        1350 Dorsey Rd, L Hanover, MD

        Little Spice
        1350 Dorsey Rd Ste L, Hanover, MD 21076

        Spice and Dice Thai Restaurant
        1220 E Joppa Rd, Towson, MD 21286