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Oct 6, 2010 10:37 AM

Hi! Newbie here, just wanted to Introduce myself!

Hi there,

(I hope I'm posting this in the proper place)

I've visited this site for a lot of food information for some time now, I google a question and sometimes find the answer posted here but it never occurred to me to join the site. So now here I am, the newest newbie.

Hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to contribute but certainly I'll have questions needing answers. Most satisfying to the people I live with, I'll stop talking the THEM about food and start talking to all of you :)

I'm going to fiddle my way around the board and try to figure out all the cool things I've been missing out on.

Take care,
happy cooking (and eating!)


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  1. Welcome to the world of Chowhound. Where the GDP of the US is lowered while working hounds put in copious hours on their work computers posting on their favorite food related topics. lol

    I see you already put up two posts on other boards, so you are obviously well on your way. Have fun and you can always post a site related question here if something isn't making sense to you.

    One other thing. If you see a post that looks problematic, or if someone posts something to you that seems off or out of bounds please don't hesitate to report it, either using the "Report" button at the bottom of every post box or by emailing the moderators at

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thank you for the welcome! I was beginning to think you were a rather unfriendly bunch :)

    2. Hey Salt welcome! Jump and and take a seat, boarding house reach! No such thing as a stupid question, we were all newbies once, to everything!

      You've got a friend.


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