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Oct 6, 2010 10:25 AM


I have am doing a round trip to Andalucia next month.

1 night in Seville
1 night in Cordoba
1 night in Ronda
1 night in Arcos
1 night in Jerez

If you had a car and 5 nights would this be a good itinerary?

would you suggest better places to stay in and see

Foodie questions

*Does anyone know any Iberico farms in this area to visit that have tours?
*Any must see things in this area or restaurants to visit.?
* Any other foodie things to do?

Any advice would be great

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. El puerto is nice. aracena in theheart of jamon land is a good area to ask about tours.

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        Restaurants suggestions...
        Seville is well covered on this forum.
        Cordoba: El Caballo Rojo (smart) or El Churrasco (try their "Montilla Moriles", a sort of local Sherry made from the Pedro Ximenes grape)
        Ronda: Tragabuches (Michelin *)
        Arcos: No recommendation except for a drink at the Parador.
        Jerez: visit Bodegas Domecq and the riding school.
        Good restaurants for sea food on the river front in Sanlucar de Barrameda like Casa Bigote (sample the Manzanilla, a type of Sherry only produced there). Also in Cadiz restaurant El Faro, always v. good.

        For jamon: Jabugo (near Aracena as Lerique says) is the place for visiting the producers. The big ones do visits (Jabu, 5 Jotas, etc). It has to be Pata Negra de bellota (black pig fed on acorns). Google Jabugo Jamon for info.

        1. re: monchique

          That's awesome I will put them into our Itinerary!

          Thanks for the great info.

          If we are gto stay in this area for a night to visit an iberico farm would Araecnabe the place t stay for Accomadationa dn convienience or would Jabugo be nicer?



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            Aracena has several good hotels and restaurants. Our favorite is Finca Buen Vino with a fantastic table d'hote restaurant, but there are several others in town, In restaurants, "Casas" and "Jose Vicente" stick out of the lot. "Casas" is very close to the fantastic "gruta de las maravilhas", not to be missed.
            I don't know of any hotel in Jabugo itself.

      2. I am in Sevilla right now, after spending 3 days in Malaga, and having taken side trips to Granada, Ronda and Cordoba. When we went to Ronda, Tragabuches was closed, so we ate at the Parador. The tasting menu was huge, very good, with all regional specialties. The setting is beautiful and the price very reasonable. In Cordoba today we had lunch at El Churrasco. I highly recommend the fried sea anemone, partridge braised with onions, and pork cheeks. Nice regional wines. In Sevilla, don't miss Zelai for spectacular tapas. Abantal was amazing. We had a 7-course tasting with wine pairings for 70 euros per person that was magnificent. Taberna del Alabardero is more traditional and the food is very good but not exceptional, but the old-world elegance makes it worth a visit.

        1. Actually, five different hotels in five nights is my idea of hell, especially since the places you are staying are, in some cases, separated by long drives. You will spend most of you time in a car and checking in and out of hotels. Why not just stay in one place? Five nights would be scarely time to scratch the surface in a place like Sevilla. Or you could stay somewhere like Ronda all five nights and take day trips to Arcos, Cordoba, Sevilla, and perhaps Malaga (which should not be overlooked, especially from a food perspective, but often is).

          1. I agree with the above that 5 hotels and 5 different cities in 5 nights is difficult. Even though cities such as Ronda, Arcos, Jerez are not huge, if you are staying in the center, driving in and out of them and parking can be a nightmare. And not to mention Seville which is fairly large and just a day would not do it justice. Jerez to me is not particular interesting unless you want to tour one of the big sherry producers. More of a tour group type of atmosphere. I have done Andalucia numerous time and for me, the best have been using Seville as a base and taking the buses to small cities for day trips. They are convenient, comfortable and numerous. I've driven and enjoyed the trip but it is for a longer stay then 5 days. If you are not firm on your itinerary, I would do Seville and Granada with a side trip to Cordoba. Since this website is about food, I'll stop before I get booted.
            For food, there have been many posts on tapas eating for Seville; I would search for those as the earlier recommendations mostly excellent. The above mentioned Abantal is terrific and probably the best sit down restaurant in Seville. Enrique Beccara is good for more traditional food, especially the dishes with Moorish influences. The front tapas bar is also very good.
            For Cordoba, I had a good lunch at El Blason. For tapas in Ronda, La Gota de Vino.

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              I have been to Andalucia numerous times in the past two years. Five cities in five days is doable if you are a disciplined traveler. The Andalusian Horse Show is a must, also, when in Jerez take the tour of the Harvey's Museum, ALL sherry must come from Jerez.

              As for food, El Faro in Cadiz is excellent, try their tasting menu with accompanying sherry. Don't forget the considerable Morroccan influence in Anadaluca. The beautiful hilltown of Vejar de la Frontera is my favorite. You can see the place where Halle Berry emerged from the sea in the James Bond pic "Die Another Day". If you visit Vejar, the Middle Eastern restaurant El Jardin de Califa is situated in a dungeon under the hotel Casa de Califa. Delicious and romantic!

              1. re: johnpressman

                Correction to the above; restaurant El Faro is in the town of El Puerto de Santa maria in the province of cadiz and Halle Berry steeped out of the ocean inthe town of Cadiz, near the old fort.

                1. re: johnpressman

                  I beg to disagree... There are 2 differents restaurants (possibly under same ownership) one in Cadiz: and the other in El Puerto : The one I was recommending is in Cadiz.

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                  Being pedantic, sherry can also come from Sanlucar de Barrameda. Thanks for the Vejar tip.

                  1. re: mr_gimlet

                    Except that in this case It's not called Jerez but Manzanilla... (being even more pedantic :o)