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Oct 6, 2010 10:05 AM

Sushi Mori Tonight--feeling intimidated...

My husband and I are visiting L.A. this week and are going to Mori tonight for our anniversary.

Although we've done a decent amount of traveling and eaten at many great restaurants, we've only done high(ish) end sushi omakase once. It was delicious, but we certainly didn't feel like we knew enough about Japanese food to fully appreciate it.

We have reservations to sit at the bar, which I've read is a must, and we plan on getting the omakase.
So, my questions are:

1. Generally, how much is the omakase there? I've read around $125, but I also came across someone who said it was in the $200's.
I just don't want my husband to have a heart attack when the bill comes :-)

2. What do people generally wear there? I figured it was at least business casual, but I guess I'm trying to determine what the crowd is like. Young and Hip? Older and more "foodie-ish"?

3. I've read that the omakase includes a decent amount of cooked dishes as well as sushi, which is fine with me. I'm just trying to get a better sense of what to expect and if there's anything we should specify.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I am thinking about Mori for my fiance's birthday dinner and would also like to hear opinions on the omakase experience.

    1. 1. About $150 pp ( not including tax, tip, alcohol ) is a safe bet.
      2. Dress code: don't go naked. Except for that, I guess anything goes.
      3. You're correct. Just relax, enjoy Morihiro's expertise. ( Did you know he grows his own rice? )

      1. You MUST sit in front of Morisan. Better to call ahead with this request. I would actually get sushi only omakase, as I find his other dishes to be lacking. If you want a much better omakase and cheaper go to kiyokawa

          Our omakase tonight was AMAZING! We sat in front of Morisan and had some lovely conversation with him. He's a very relaxed and congenial, which made the experience much less intimidating.
          The sushi was incredible. Two kinds of sea urchin (one local from Santa Barbara, the other from Japan) were so good I wanted to cry. Two kinds of toro, incredible. Barracuda, which I can now say I've eaten, was so yummy.
          The cooked dishes in the beginning were also very good, but the sushi was definitely the highlight.
          After a lot of food, he asked us what we would like to have last, which I thought was a nice touch. The meal ended with a plate of local melons that were wonderful (and a candle to celebrate our anniversary).
          The total for two people, with a glass of wine, two beers and a cup of green tea was $400 without tip. A bit more than we thought it would be, but such a memorable experience for a special occasion that we felt it was worth it.
          Anyway, thanks for your responses!

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            It's gratifying to read your report. Often people get lots of advice and feedback and either ignore it or find reasons to sabotage what could be a great time. You did well.

            1. re: empecot

              Thanks for reporting back! And welcome to the Morihiro Onodera Fan Club!

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                Glad you enjoyed your experience. Just to let you know, the Santa Barbara sea urchin is actually packaged and exported to Japan.

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                  In my book, Mori-san's (small yet flavorful) Hokkaido uni is still the best uni to be had in L.A., followed by the delicate San Diego uni at Kiriko, then the Santa Barbara uni.

                  11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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                  Dang $400? Without sake? Either you two ate everything in the shop or the prices went up.