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Oct 6, 2010 10:00 AM

Need Fresh Oyster Advice Please - Post Oil Spill

I've looked at all the old posts regarding happy hour deals and oyster specials but since BP I was having a hard time finding any good deals that were still alive.

Can anybody help me find the new happy hour oyster place? Do 50 cent oysters still exist in Austin?


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  1. Gulf Oyster season starts in November. until then, you can probably find (what they call) Blue Points and Malpaqs at Quality seafood for about a buck each.

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    1. re: ieathereforeiam

      I'm confused, are you saying that Quality is mislabelling oysters?

      1. re: brentwood

        No, Quality isn't doing anything wrong. Lots of oysters are called blue points these days. here is a quick read

        for the price, they are just fine.

    2. I've been reading the NOLA board about oysters and the situation. I love raw oysters and can eat them as fast as most can shuck them and get them on the plate. Apparently, they say the issue is severely exaggerated, and it's costing unnecessary job loss just due to fear. However, it is not really ideal season for oysters. There are also different seasons for TX gulf oysters, which may be more around Dec. You can get some types of oysters from 'up North,' but the ones I've had were extremely salty and small (like 16 or so fit on a dozen oyster tray). I'd also prefer to support the gulf coast.

      I've personally never seen 50 cent oysters in Austin, but I used to eat 35 cent ones in college in LA. Even before the spill here, I ate ones at $2.00/oyster for appetizers (not raw)!!! Right now, I just either buy them in bulk at Quality Seafood or I eat them at Perla's oyster bar. I find some of my favorite oyster places here either took them off the menu or can't get them consistently.

      I'm sure Perla's will guide you to the best ones, and I think they have happy hour. My husband and I went through 3 trays and a bottle of champagne real fast the other day. But I don't know what they charge for them, it was more about satisfying an insatiable desire for raw oysters.

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      1. re: drdelicious

        drdelicious, when you buy oysters, do you cook them at home or do you prepare them on the half shell? I'm having trouble finding a good way to prepare fried oysters at home. Any suggestions?

        1. re: SantoneBibi

          I do lots of ways. We grill them in the shell, serve them on half shell, Rockafellers, Bienville, oyster & artichoke soup, and on and on. You can fry them either with a seasoned cornmeal or with a flour batter (for poboys) or a combination. Shuck them and drain them. Dip them in an egg wash, then dip them in a mixture of cajun spices, flour and/or cornmeal. Then deep fry them in vegetable oil, take them out once they are golden and season with salt. You can also dip them in the flour mixture, then the egg, then back in the flour mixture too. The most important thing is to keep the oil at 375 and fry in small batches.

      2. Here's some related info about Louisiana and Texas oyster harvesting:

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        1. we tried Captain Benny's on 35 a month or so ago. pretty pleased with their oysters on half shell. 9.99 for a dozen.

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          1. re: NirvRush

            I've had decent luck with their oysters as well. They're nothing fancy, but the food is well prepared, inexpensive and pretty good, as simple as it may be. Make sure to sit at the bar; the people-watching is absolutely priceless.

          2. Parkside has an excellent oyster platter on HH, regularly $28, but 1/2 off from 5-7. We were in NOLA in August, and while I know it isn't oyster season yet, we had some at Acme (gross tourist trap- never again). Not sure where they got em but they were flavorless. I just piled on the horseradish-laden cocktail sauce. The shells were muddy and gritty and got mixed in w/ the oysters too.

            The Parkside oysters on the other hand were amazing. Creamy, blooming flavors (one type had a melon-ish finish), shipped in daily. You get a dozen, four of each kind: some from Nova Scotia, Rhode Island and I forget the other one. (I love that the shells were immaculate.)

            This was our first time at Parkside, btw, and it's my new favorite place. We got four things off the HH Menu, cocktail and a beer, and dessert for under $55.

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            1. re: tokyomonamour

              muddy, gritty shells are my oyster platter pet peeve! ew.

              1. re: tokyomonamour

                I always thought crawfish were supposed to be gritty and muddy until I moved here...