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Oct 6, 2010 09:58 AM

Restaurants near Phillips arena???

Any recs for cheap yummy places near Phillips arena? No discriminating tastes here, just looking for a place that is affordable, nice beer or liquor selection, and not a chain (unique to Atlanta at least). I'm looking at Lunacy Black Market...


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  1. i have season tic for Hawks and if i want a very good meal i go here its inside The omni in the courtyard area.If youre going to the game tomorrow the gates open an hour before game. Ruths Chris is nearby, i think at the Embassy Suites,maybe 2 blocks away. I also like for a light meal and lots of beers, the Taco Mac--it has an entrance into Phillips so you can avoid the gate lineup. Great wings,basically a sports bar.If you are going to a game park in CNN decks right across from Pillips, safest spot and very close

    1. Social Intown and Bocado aren't too far.