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Oct 6, 2010 09:36 AM

Hong Kong in November

My partner and I are going to be in Hong Kong in November for three days. I would like recommendations for "authentic" (though honestly I am not sure what that means) regional Chinese restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are not interested in fine dining. We would like to eat in places locals frequent - small places, established places, stalls - anything really. The quality of the food is important (though admittedly I am not a Chinese food connoisseur.) I like seafood, noodles dishes and dumplings etc. Dim Sum recommendations would be great too. If possible, could you list the restaurant with the address or approximate location in the city etc.

Thank you very much.

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  1. This is a good question, but one that can be answered by reading the board. I think that's why you didn't get replies.

    But OK. Go to the corner of Burd St and Hillier St in Sheung Wan (I think I've got that right), on any morning but Sunday, for some remarkable fish congee. Pick up the WOM guide when you're in town (it's sort of a Hong Kong Zagat), and go to Joy Hing (note that the place is around the corner from the given address on Hennessey) for some world-class barbecued pork.Go to Mak's Noodle on Wellington, one block west of Lan Kwai Fong, on the north side, for some remarkable shrimp wonton noodles. That should get you started.

    1. You food preferences are definitely of a similar type to mine - the more authentic and local style! I recently showed a couple of friends around HK and followed an itinerary similar to the below.

      1. Start with Sang Kee congee in Sheung Wan. HK's best congee.

      2. Then pick up your morning with one of HK's growing selection of coffee places at Barista Jam (obviously an Australian inspiration originally but one which is growing in HK) or you could grab some herbal jelly from the place outside Shueng Wan cooked food centre

      3. Then wander up to Mak's Noodles for HK's most famous bowl of wonton noodles

      4. Then walk along to Central along Queen's Road and have a look at the Central wet market for atmosphere

      5. Then Kau Kee for beef brisket and up to Lyndhurst Terrace for the most famous egg tarts - Tai Cheong.

      6. A drift up and down Hollywood Road for some more atmosphere and to work up an appetitie.

      7. Lung King Heen for a dim sum lunch and some three star michelin star ticking

      8. You will probably be a touch full by then so a star ferry ride out across to Kowloon and a walk up to Temple Street market (swiniging by flower market, bird cage walk etc.). There you can grab some street food - curry balls.

      9. Then perhaps a drink on Kowloon side looking back across to HK island and a ferry ride out to one of the islands for some Cantonese sea food.

      10. Then a drinking session in Wan chai and LKF followed by a drunken snack at Tsui Wah in Wellington Street for some local soy Western food and chaos - have a condensed milk bun.

      11. The next morning Tim Ho Wan to get rid of the hangover

      That should get you going. Other things I would highly recommend are Kwan Kee claypot rice, typhoon crab in Wanchai and any Japanese restaurant :



      ps sorry for the links to my blog, is easier than copying out addresses