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Oct 6, 2010 09:09 AM

Burger/hot dog/sandwich - off 401 b/w TO and Kingston

I have a road trip from Toronto to Kingston this weekend. Not much time to stop or explore, but are there any great burger or sandwich joints just off the 401 any where between Toronto and Kingston?

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  1. Buster Rhino's Oshawa location is open on the weekends from what I recall. Took a quick look and it looks like it is about 10 minutes north of 401. Heard about the Five Guys burgers opening in Kingston, not sure if it has yet. Also, there is a Montreal "steamies" hot dog place or something like this in Oshawa which I hear is pretty good too.

    Buster Rhino's
    2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

    1. Also interested in this, not only because rest-stop food SUCKS, but because literally every rest stop, all the way to the 417, is closed for renovations, leaving zero options, save the Big Apple, for snacks along the way.

      Big Apple
      , Colborne, ON K0K1S0, CA

      1. I bought a car from a dealership in Belleville last spring...when we drove down to pick it up, we had to wait for them to get the chowpal knew there was a truck stop at the exit west of the main one in Belleville...I believe it's the Wallbridge-Loyalist exit...and the truck stop is just south of the 401...east side of the road...we had a great meal I recall some yummy pea soup and a very good club sandwich. Good solid truck stop food and not far off the 401...

        1. Big M. Get off at the Liverpool exit in Pickering and head south about half a click, it's on the left.

          Great drive-in burger joint, killer steak sandwiches.

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            There is no Liverpool exit on the eastbound 401, only westbound. To get there from the eastbound lanes, exit Whites Rd, turn right (south), take the first left (Bayly St.), then turn right at Liverpool, south a block or two and you'll see Big M in the plaza on the left (at Krosno).