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Oct 6, 2010 08:54 AM

Freezing Pillsbury Grands: Experiences?

I have read very differing opinions on freezing Pillsbury Grands...the ones in the refridgerated cans. I've never done it myself but this week I have a sale/coupons deal that gives me the Grands for 33 cents a can and thought I would stock up. Freezing? Some people say no problem, some say take them out of the can and freeze in a ziploc, some say you can't freeze them because they don't rise. Pillsbury does not recommend freezing b/c of the yeast, but suggests I buy their Frozen Grands.

And some say to bake them and then freeze them and thaw and heat as needed. I'd prefer to just stick the cans in the freezer. Any chowhound experiences?

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  1. Tried freezing them in the can once. The cans popped. Because when the dough froze it expanded (duh, like I don't know things expand when they freeze.) Have kept them in the refrigerator for extremely long periods of time with no problem. Now, finally, I learned to make biscuits that aren't hockey pucks, so no more Grands.