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Oct 6, 2010 08:47 AM

Need rec for overseas visitors

Our company will have 10 overseas visitors in town later this month, and I would like to take them to a nice restaurant for a Canadian experience. Two years ago I took everyone to Vineland Estates for one evening, and to the Hiding Inn Hockley another night. I am looking for something along those lines, but not as far as going to Niagara. Canoe would be good but I don't have the budget. We would be about 15 people total, so we need a space that can accommodate a group.

The visitors will be from India, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Germany. They are not foodies but are somewhat adventurous. For the Asian people especially, the food and menu will be challenging so a simpler menu is better than a complex menu, if you know what I mean.

Hiding Inn Hockley
, Orangeville, ON L9W, CA

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  1. So based on your previous experience, are you looking for something outside of Toronto? Just thinking, Globe Bistro might offer a Canadian experience with its focus on Canadian/local ingredients and there is a private room on the second floor.
    Subway station minutes away and plentiful parking behind.