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Oct 6, 2010 08:45 AM

Halls Chophouse, FIG or SNOB?

Yes all totally different - but we cant decide!

We have decided on Lunch Friday at Magnolias, dinner Friday at McGradys - so just need Thursday dinner.

I dont read or see much about Halls - but it looks like (from the website) like the atmosphere we are looking for. We would like a place with a fun bar and lively atmosphere - not so much the quiet and intimate. Can anyone fill me in on Halls?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Halls Chophouse
434 King St., Charleston, SC 29403

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  1. We were there in May with a group of 12. I would describe both the bar area and the dining area as "lively" but unlike many lively places, we were able to hear each other well as we talked around the long table. The food was outstanding, but the attention to detail and the effort to make sure that we were pleased was perhaps even more memorable. At least 4 members of management stopped by our table throughout the meal to make sure we were happy. All in all it was one of our best dining experiences of all time. However, my husband and I did say that we wouldn't have felt the same way if it had just been the two of us since it was practically all groups the night we were there.

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      I second Hall's. Fig and SNOB are excellent choices but entirely different. Hall's has more upscale class to me and the food's outstanding.