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Oct 6, 2010 08:32 AM

Looking for splurge meal in Philly

Just sold our house in the burbs and moved into Center City. Looking for a high end dining experience to celebrate and spend some of the sale proceeds. But I don't want to pay just for reputation. What's one of the best meals in town that is worth it? 10 Arts looks interesting but being in the lobby seems noisy. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Vetri. Not everyone on this board agrees that the tasting menu is the best value (it's pretty pricey, but I think it is), but you can just as easily go on a weeknight or friday night and order off the menu.

    1. In terms of fine dining that is both good and quiet, I think the only options left that I can think of are Vetri, Fountain, Le Bec Fin, Estia, Prime Rib, and maybe some of the other classic steakhouses.

      I agree with urbanfabric that the full Vetri tasting menu is the ultimate splurge in town.

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        I would add LaCroix to that list. I've only done brunch but that was a splurge meal I would gladly repeat as soon as the budget (and waistline) allows.

      2. Brunch at LaCroix was my favorite splurge. Aside from the incredible food, it was fun!
        That's where I am choosing to celebrate my next occasion.
        (And we've been to most of the others.)

        1. I would third Vetri and add James - James gets mixed reviews here but I have never been disappointed and apparently neither has the James Beard foundation (and he was asked to try out for the American Bocuse d'Or team last winter when a contestant dropped out

          1. Bibou would also be a top contender