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Anyone been to Wine Depot and Bistro 555 in Miami Beach?

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I'm curious to know what it's like....

Bistro 555
15651 Sheridan St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33331

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  1. it just opened. what a weird location. looks like a supply warehouse. no windows, no nothing. tough spot to draw a crowd unless word of mouth is that it's the best. havent gone yet but i hope it's good and hope it does well after all it took to open there. ps: your link is to a diff. restaurant!

    1. I heard good things from friends...

      1. I went with friends last Saturday. Tons of inexpensive wine for purchase in the Wine Depot and for a $7.50 corkage fee they will put it on ice for you at your table. Wonderful food that pairs well with wine. Strawberries in red wine with ice cream for dessert is a must!